Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Relationship Question

Even though in the last year or so I saw ( dating ) some people. That realm and the realm of actually being in a relationship with some is totally different. You don't really have any REAL obligations to the person you're seeing when everything is casual. I guess that's what makes me not a big fan of dating. The other person is not obligated to share with you anything about them or what it is they are really doing, anyone can walk away as they so please if they feel the other is just not the one or if someone is just not ready. When I'm openly dating I feel like I'm chancing a lot. I put a lot of peoples emotions on the line and I have the possibilities of hurting people I don't particularly want to hurt at the same time. You find that someone and you and that someone becomes happy but you have to turn around and say... sorry guys to the ones that just didn't make your cut.

I'm going to be honest to say I'm so grateful to have met Ry. He met me at a great transition where I realized a lot of things about myself that needed to be addressed. He presented a fear and I had to face it. I did and I'm more happier that I did. But now I am feeling that now it's a relationship... now what? I mean being with Ry is totally different than when I was in the other dating relationships with someone like Darren. Darren for the foremost really felt like a good buddy to hang with. Ry... OMG did I tell you that his mom is an awesome cook. I've so fell in love with her cooking. Except the noodles... I'm a noodle girl so it takes a lot to impress me with noodle stuff. I'm afraid that I may get fat eating her awesome food. I want to ask his mama to teach me how to cook some food, whatever it is that Ry likes to eat.. I want to learn to cook. :) That reminds me I should look through that awesome cook book. well time to cut this entry short. I have to bake some goods to bring to work tomorrow or I'm out of luck for lunch and breakfast.

Ry to me... I want our experience to be different. I know for sure it's going to take us both time to get back into the feel of being in a relationship or the feel of our schedules and being aware of the one and other. Not to forget the other - kind of thing. ( maybe it's just my fear that I will ) ( well I think about him a lot during the day - there are a lot of cute little things he's done and said that just get stuck with me now ). I want fun! fun! fun! :D I just know it's going to be full of wonderful surprises and events ... and people. :)
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