Saturday, August 21, 2010

Regret Nothing

This post is spurred on by thoughts from a friend who says he regrets a lot in life. The truth is... regret nothing. We are created - living organisms that will always be full of mysteries. We are powerful beings. We have the power to create life and more dangerously take life away. We have the choice ( regardless what one says ) to be strong and to be weak. To fight or surrender. To live or to die. To remember or forget. To be in the know or to be in the dark. Life can't just be about reproduction - if it's up to nature and that's all that we're here for, then mother nature would not go into a rampage once and a while and decide to kill a couple hundred / thousands of people at one time or random times through out the year. Think about it. The world is becoming over populated, then BAM! - a natural disasters occur. If it's Global warming then the production of what we have dubbed is needed to sustain our survival in a world of 'want' may actually lead to the downfall of our children's environment. The production of unnecessary products. Sometimes we don't realize how destructive our inventive beings are. But hey... Live smart. But regret nothing in the process.

See... we may have multiple lives in which we get reborn but since we can't know what's going to happen in the next, or remember what happened in the last. Know it in the now. If you dwell, you will never make room for what's going to happen. What it is you want to happen for your future because you have already filled it with the concentration of the past. Especially if it's full of regrets. STOP. I need you to take a look at yourself and ask. Knowing what those regrets are, what would you have done differently. Now when that occurs again, the same chain of events - Do it. I don't know about you.. but when the same chain of events happen / open up to you...the chances of that happening are usually very rare. Especially for people to take notice that it's the same chain of events ( however disguised they could be with different elements and exponents ) . If you know what you would do differently from your regret - it is at that point you should let it go. Why? because your regret now is no longer a regret. It's become a lesson. It teaches you about yourself. What you believe is right, what are the changes you must do to make things right, what it is that will make you feel the way you believe you should feel to be... "right". Regret is like a long elective class that you choose to attend at any time. Why? would you do that to yourself? put yourself in a hard learned lesson when .. When you chance, you learn your answers to your questions right away. Jump at chances. They are your quick lessons, they teach you up front more about everything that you want to know in the moment. Instead of returning to the moment and filling yourself with regret.

You live once.
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