Thursday, August 19, 2010

Silent Being, Chattered Mind

I may have been quiet for a bit, but my mind has been filled with a bunch of questions. Thoughts, decisions, choices. Life shows you these possibilities and on which ways you can build upon them. But certain choices no matter how much you would like the outcome to be sometimes will effect yours. I feel like my studio .. in this house.. will never be mine. That's just the end of that.

I've been thinking about love lately. - Thinking about the guys that have come and gone in my life in the last year. Thought about what I love and .. didn't love about them. My final conclusion is that they were great men. The lucky lady that they choose to finally make their one and only should know just how great they are. It's just too bad that lady - wasn't me. My heart was clearly not all there. There was still a lot of hate. Just the other day driving home from Renton I woke up with the notion I was in love with someone... Not Ry... But I didn't know why... I had no reasons. Just we just parted ways in our split and ... I don't know ... he's given me no true signs he loves me - at all.

10 things I adore about Ry. - I need to do this so I don't dwell on the other guy.
1) He has the cutest feet ever - I mean EVER. So baby cute!
2) His Sincerity astounds me. Just shows me he does think about me.
3) How he holds the door for me. Gentlemen - Sometimes I have to get used to it.
4) He says / asks random cute questions and concerns / facts.
5) When he runs his fingers through my hair, to brush it away from my face. ♥
6) When he kisses me gently on the forehead. ♥
7) I cuddle up to him. I lean up and kiss him on the cheek. I hear a little grunt which goes to tell me he's smiling. It makes me squeeze him a little tighter.
8) ♥ his hugs
9) I like the fact he likes history.. the truth is I think Ry's pretty smart.
10) We have a bit in common. - I love how his eyes lit up when he found out I had the Dragon Ball Collection. It was pretty cute.
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