Thursday, August 26, 2010

This Is Not A Movie

This morning my dad is driving me to the skytrain station as I make my way to work and he tells me about some young teenager died after jumping out of a moving vehicle because they were in some sort of argument with their parent. Hey I just googled it dad, there doesn't seem to have been an arguement - but that's besides the point. My dad starts to go off and say that it's all the movies these days that makes people think that they can do this stuff and be alright. Then I go to ask did anyone do this when they were in his generation. I would think people of this generation would be smart enough to know the difference between the MOVIES and reality. Really. My dad's reply was "yes" - around his era [ haha I'm making dad sound so old ] - Spider-man came out and there were reports of kids and people dying with the costume on - falling from buildings and such. What was my first thought? [ I hope this isn't too mean ] My first thought was, WOW - what dumb people. Did you NOT follow that storyline?! You obviously wasn't paying attention at all. Did you happen to get bitten by some radioactive spider that makes you have some crazy mutation happen in your blood stream to cause you to shoot out spider webs from a vein in your wrists? Can you stick to walls in your attempts to climb them with the suit on? If you can't shoot the webs and you can't stick the walls, what makes you think you can stick to and climb a building? -_- then it makes me wonder. If they were so foolish to do what they did and died. What happens if they were foolish and lived to breed more foolish people. Be smart people, don't climb buildings in costumes in strong belief that you're a superhero with superpowers- only believe this if you were engineered in some amazing multi-million dollar lab specifically designed to create these superheros. Don't jump out of moving vehicles unless it's a life or death situation and you're ready to die to escape from some crazy kidnapper that has the high probability of killing you anyways. [ the chance of this is rare but believe it or not, it happens ]
This is not a movie. That's why there are warnings and parental rating systems these days, we all believe you'd be smart enough to understand why they exist.
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