Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy XXVII Birthday!!

Well mmmm awesome summary? I dunno what to say. Lol. Surprises started with mom with a small bag full of gifts. And they were pretty nice too. A pair of shoes, a box of chocolates and jewelry and a tank. I wasn't expecting mom to win in her choices, but she did. I did the traditional Denny's breakfast right at midnight with god brother and two friends that I met last year too. which was nice. They rolled up in an Escalade which surprised me. I didn't know what was going on. After a little joy ride, speaking to a friend about friendship.

I went to sleep, went to work and later that day the boyfriend spoiled me. Having flowers sent to my work place. He got me a birthday card with a pair of "boo" bee's on them. Which was so cute! Dinner was at Joe Fortes (first place he wanted to take me out to dinner to), I got surf and turf and the boyfriend ordered the pasta.

A surprise birthday cake, bubbly, and a present. Mmmm seems a bit unreal, such good food. As I sat in Joe fortes I thought about this video my friend showed me on how the best ideas were created in cafe environments. Sitting in the restaurant the environment reminded me of that, a busy cafe. Then I realized why great ideas may come from these environments. When in that surrounding all your senses are triggered and being stimulated all at the same time. There's a lot of different sounds, smells, elements to look at, your touching something - hot, cold, cloth, paper, phone, plastic.. So on. And your eating. So your taste sensory is triggered as well. So why wouldn't this environment that is sending so muchinformation to your brain, begin to stimulating it to the extent of giving birth to creative and new thoughts and ideas. Maybe we unknowingly are attracted to these environments because we are not only comfortable in them, but it stimulates our minds to the extent where we need it to be exercised - just to keep our minds at ease. Maybe we enter and return to these places not solely for the food they serve, but it may be that it is our minds and senses that crave to be satisfied - more than just our taste-buds.
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