Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Think I Got It

ok, today work was hectic. Things are getting so hectic that we had to call in my back up girl to come help out. After work I go a bit birthday shopping for myself. Then I head home for dinner and then a photography shoot. Vik needed the practice and I - I need the shots. Anyways - A while back ago I messaged someone. I simply asked how they were doing and they replied back with the assumption that I'm looking for sex from them. This thought totally disgusts me. I'm genuinely trying to show some care to ask / wan to know how someone is doing to only have it turned on me. Why? Why is it so bad to ask someone how they are doing, regardless of who they are.

I'm tired - My innocent wonderment of the well being of others get turned and thrown back into my face as some other twisted idea and malicious attempt of some sort, or some other hidden meaning. Like it's so wrong to just care.

Have you ever questioned the purity of your own heart?
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