Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I've been ignoring my diary duties..

I've been ignoring my diary duties..
Ahh but I've been making these earrings. Trying to perfect them before I start to make more and sell them. However it takes a while to make. Maybe I'll make some for my give away.

In another entry I had laughed at someones misfortune. When I shouldn't. I've started to worry and feel a bit sad about the situation and life altering choices that they have to make now. I've even come back to think about that theory of how messed up it is that you can become perfect strangers with someone you used to love. Mmmm well I still keep in touch with most of my ex's but. I still care for them in the sense I want them to be well and happy. There it is again. Miss Too Nice for her own good. I should wish them happiness in this time, that they have help. Here is my prediction. They will in this time, discover the love of their family. How great their parents are to them. Because families all have a choices. To cope, to aide, and to turn away. Growing up is hard to do... Doing it all at once in a short amount of time is a big lesson. Although perhaps it was karma. ( a few friends have said this ). I pray for love and happiness to be there now. Regardless, because a small part of me that will always love them - will always wants nothing but the best for them. As for me- I have to stop thinking of their happiness and focus on mine. Be happy with my life. Because I'm still trekking the path I'm creating as I go. I have great friends that are just as good as great family. Because I do love my friends just as much. I just never tell them.

I have and feel love from a great guy. Oh just the other day he confessed to me he wanted to star watch with me. LOL. I thought I was hearing stuff - but just him saying he'd like to do that with me was... Pretty romantic in a sense. Lol he better bring a blanket. Or I'd be a pee bug all night. Oh wait. If it's dark enough.. I'd go in the bushes... Just as long as he's there to cover me like on our Calgary road trip. ♥

My friend Bruce said it was a good thing that me and Ry already have great stories together. That - that's what some great relationships are made of. I look back and I fall in love with certain moments. They bring a smile to my face. I won't ask for more than that- happiness.
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