Wednesday, September 01, 2010

POW! Right In The Kisser

Sometimes life likes to do that to you, punch you in the face. That's just how life works. It's pretty late, I'm tired yet I'm waiting for my hair to dry so in the process I thought I would just blog a bit. I get a bit of news today and I can't help but laugh at someone's life's misfortune due to the consequence of their own actions. That's mean isn't it. I look back and I think, even though I haven not succeeded a lot this year to my expectations, I've accomplished a lot. A lot more than what a lot of other people has the opportunity to say. I can only hope for an even better upcoming year. I've hit 500+ subscribers on youtube, that's half way to one of my life goals. :) . My work is currently constantly expanding ( even though it's only graphic design ). I'm youtubing my fine arts - this is baby steps to success. Because I now drew interest of my bf onto my book, I'm editing it again once more and sending chapters to him to read and review. I even finished the book. The chapter I was missing was written a few weeks back. I took the initiative to create 2 more blogs one devoted to short stories and one purely for my fine arts and notes and instructions. [ I always wanted to start these, they won't be updated all the time but they will be filled with useful information and spurts of creativity. ] I finally upgraded my flickr account to pro, so I can upload as many images as I like - thus pushing myself to expand and dive more into photography as well. All these things may seem so much - but the truth is, a part of me says - if I don't start this now... I would probably never start it later.

I'm falling asleep... will blog tomorrow.

Oh yes and I upgraded my phone and have data. I'm basically... reachable and ready to work more now, write more, blog more.
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