Monday, September 06, 2010

Random Simple Smiles

I wake up in the morning and if I feel the slight chill in the air. I pull the blanket over me and unknowingly I'll search for the warmth of your body. When I'm alone, I have to remind myself, - I'm not in your bed and you're not beside me. I give a little sigh and wiggle myself into the pillows around me and imagine that - I am and you are - before I doze back off to sleep. I smile at the little things you do. How I notice you pull the blanket up to cover my shoulders if they are ever baring to chilled air, you do it so you make sure that I am kept warm. ♥ I smile when you hold my hand, even if we're just laying beside one another in bed, even when I'm snuggled up to you. You'll still want to hold my hand. I have to remind myself that you'll get the door for me cause you're that kind of gentlemen.  ♥ Thank You.
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