Thursday, September 16, 2010

The unknown sadness.

The unknown sadness.
Well actually it's not exactly unknown. But for the most part, it gets harder to shake it, it's taking longer. Lacking emotional control? Maybe I'm PMSing and my visitor is on it's way. I've been eating breakfast later, that maybe one of the reasons I've been feeling sick. I'm breaking out uncontrollably and seems like the new and expensive face wash isn't doing what I'd like it to. But then again i haven't been using it that long.

I've been thinking of hitting up the library downtown and just spending a few hours going through some Asian art books. As good as online is with easy access to visual information, I still like the fact I'm holding something physical in my hands. And it's easier on my hands.

My birthday is coming up and I've been debating what I want to get myself. I realized I really need a new comp. That reminds me that it wasn't too long ago I had to upgrade my laptop. The Pc downstairs keeps telling me there isn't enough memory. I hate the Pc popups with a vengeance and now I start to think if I should just get the imac. My option number two is a ps3 for self indulgence and visual fun. Little big planet 2 is coming out soon in November. And it's a bonus that it plays blueray dvd's. But I hope they are backwards compatible. To play the games I have. Mmm i can get both but one will have to wait till the end of October. Oh and then there's the bigger TV. Just yesterday I say futureshop's having a huge sale. A 42 inch flat screen tv for 500$. Is a pretty good deal isn't it?

I've been super tired and not wanting to go to works. Perhaps it's this sucky weather. I want summer back. I have yet fallen back in love with the rain.
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