Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love Is The Hearts Job

Love Is The Hearts Job

This thought came across my mind because I realized the moments that some of the guys I've come across in the last year, when it comes to love- they thought so much that it gave them a headache. The problem isn't thinking about Love, is that they were using the wrong organ. That's why I always advised my friends and people I love to go with feeling. If your thinking too much, then you have a headache, it means your over looking your heart's job. You're over looking all the other senses with the top man. If your brain is your number one organ, your heart has to be number two ... Right, but then people can still 'live' when they're brain dead, so does that mean your heart is number one? Your heart has just as a big role in your body as your brain. They are thee two biggest business partners in your body. Your brain may bring facts but your heart is pure instinct, gut, feeling. Feelings guides a lot. It makes us do some crazy things at times that your brain can only come up with reason. I'm kinda glad that I'm not with any of the guys that used too much of the brain to even think of love web it came to me. I want to say to them - you're using the wrong organ buddy- that's why we'd never work. Love doesn't come from the brain- it maybe what compels us to come up with ideas on how to love someone but the truth of it lies in the heart and we all know that. A lot of things express how we feel, your mind maybe blank at the point of heartbreak, but your face, your body, your voice it changes or stays strong, but it's all on the heart to deal with that. That's why it aches - that's why it keeps beating -why it stops.

I went to sleep yesterday super early and didn't even eat dinner and my body felt a little sore when I woke up. I've been active in my dreams lately. I don't remember this time what I was dreaming about. Wow even with so much sleep i'm still yawning.

I realized something when I'm practicing my singing. I hesitate beig loud. It's all the conditioning of being a good kid and being quiet. And now I need to push past that fear of how I'm going to sound louder. If I'm not using 100% then I'm not using 100% lol . I think everyone at one point in their lives wants to know what it is they are capable of.

Man I think today I'm going to go home, do some laundry and clean my room. It's been neglected. The dog is doing his crazy thing in the middle of the nights. I'm starting to ignore it but yup... He's going a little bonkers. I have to start setting up my radio alarm again. My body has gotten used to searching for my phone and shutting it off without my knowledge.

The brain is your command centre, your heart is the power house. Lol. The command centre can't function without the power, but the power can keep going without the command centre. But the powerhouse has a lifespan too. I'm gonna rest a little before going to work. Mmm breakfast. What should I get? :(

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