Wednesday, October 13, 2010

No More Block!

No More Block!
Lol. That's what SJ said firmly to me yesterday as he dropped me off at home after our meeting. He said saw it too, he couldn't wrap his head around why I am just not producing. DJ says this too. But SJ's determination as of late has warmed me. He said something yesterday night that got me. He said that our thoughts are always going, but try to fall into the space between your thoughts. You know when your brain just doesn't think of one thing or another it just ... Is. Mmm . I spent last night thinking of a concept for the pieces I'm going to do and I came up with one. I'm going to see if I can film and flush out a good sketch of it. Mmm going to be tricky but the piece will be beautiful when it comes together. I should turn in my papers for the other art show soon too.

Yesterday - i kept thinking about little things my boyfriend said to me the night before. I find myself smiling. I am grateful and happy to be with such a great guy.

My back has been hurting again lately. I try stretching it out but it still aches. Which sucks.

I think I know how I'm going to paint the downstairs. Maybe I can even work on it some tonight.

I feel... Good ... Soul wise. My heart's happy. This is the satisfactory level of life

My package came today! score!!
I Ordered this thing that are like ankle warmers but there's like a hole there that strings your heals through it. What it is kind of like long socks too... wow I'm so bad at describing this product but it's pretty awesome.  Erica Giuliani's they are pretty dope. I got them because one of my heels are just a little too big for me so they like to slip off when I'm walking which is HORRIBLE! but these babies totally helped me with my issue and I walk beautifully in my sexy black heals with them. I wished they made the boot cuff wrap in a non shiny material. I would be down for getting a pair. Great price, from great minds. I love this product! How did I remember them... well I saw these ladies on Dragon's Den and then when my heels didn't fit properly I remembered the product they pushed. I thought it was awesome. I'll support my fellow Canadian companies any day!
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