Monday, October 18, 2010

Sitting Still, Passing By

Sitting Still, Passing By
I dreamt of him last night, it bothers me when my awake mind has come to terms and allowing the truth to pass. He comes back in the conscious I have no control. Maybe when I am aware that I'm sleeping. But I don't know about you, when I'm sleeping - most of the time it's like me falling into someone elses body and mind. I know what they know, see what they see. Past to present. I don't need him in my physical mind anymore or mental, he has no business here anymore.

Man there's so much stuff I have to do now. I decided how many pandas will be in what piece. Now I have to sketch the position I'd like them to be in. But I think I have to paint my big canvas first. For the up coming show.

Havent blogged for several days.. Mm what is there to say. My sisters rabbit died last Friday. It was rough to see her tired. Tired from taking care of baby who was sick.. Her lack of sleep didn't allow enough energy for her to cry about her lost. My sister loved all her rabbits. Sad really how they go. But I said to her that that's why god made so many of them. And when she goes up to heaven she's going to have so many companions waiting for her. One creepy thing that did happen was that when we were talking about the rabbit, one of Ethan's play tables that makes sounds went off. "spash little duck, jump little frog" - creepy since the bunny died by drowning - he had accidentally hopped in the koi pond and couldn't get out. :( . My sisters birthday is coming up and I think I know what I'm going to get her. Mmm I hope she'll like it.

Saturday It was a beautiful morning and I was supposed to go eat dimsum with the bf. He didn't sleep till late and felt sick that morning. I made my way to him, getting lots of yummy food at T&T before arriving at his house. I just thought .. If we couldn't go for dim sum, I'd bring dim sum to him. Damn that's right.. I should start to learn how to make some.

I enjoy the mornings where I sleep in and stay in bed... It's been a while since I enjoyed consecutive days of doing so. But Sunday was good! :)

I finished playing my game Kingdom Hearts - 385/2 days. I'm going to be honest I have No idea what that name means. I'm such a fan of the game but still. The trailer for the psp game looked good. I wonder if I should get it soon. I really don't know what I'd do with it after I finish the game. Really. Just stick with one platform! Sheesh. I'm super stoked to see that KH3 is going to be on. The graphics will be crazy- come on, the two greatest minds in the creative field coming together to make this happen blows my mind. The layers of stories and characters of different worlds mixings. Is pretty cool. If there's a crazy combo, is these two. Disney and Square Enix. You guys are my idols for endless evolving your creativity and building what legends are made of. Grateful story lines that build hope, friendship and perseverance. I think that's what draws me to this game. I see what it's trying to build, the heart that goes into creating a game that just isn't about hunting and killing someone / something.

Oh I've also learned how to play Starcraft - which is a bad idea. Considering I used to play age of empire. This is something like that. Just in space and everything is called some made up name. Lol . Ok maybe just something I don't know.

I'm continuing this blog on the train on my way home. I worked hard today. Feels like non stop. Maybe 30mins to eat .. Maybe not even. And even stayed 15mins later after work. It's crazy talk right now in the office and constant changes and needed deadlines. Where were you guys in the summer. When things were paced and easy. I'm afraid I won't be able to go on Vacay
Any time soon. Working hard . Cause I wouldn't enjoy the moments when I do get to relax :) .

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