Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Snowing!

It's Snowing!
Do you know it's very hard to look sexy in snow boots. Wait unless you're in a bikini And snow boots - then someone can probably pull it off. I keep thinking of Toronto the few days or weeks. I guess it could be that because it was around this time last year I was there? - one year - what's changed? A lot? Or not enough?
I worked till 3:00 am this morning. And more an more I'm only getting 3-4 hour sleep on work days. And my dad wonders why I can't wake up in the morning. I can wake up- getting out of a nice warm bed- that's a different story. What was I doing? - well you see since moving and all that jazz I had'nt had time to do laundry. 3-4 loads of laundry. Washing - drying and folding. I moved my final dresser in and now the room- furniture wise is complete. Unpacked- is another story. Slowly but surely it's getting there.
And I spent my last few hours designing this Saturdays Desi Method songs cover art. This weeks will perhaps feature hand art from me.
I wonder what this song sounds like. When u design the cover art - I usually play the song over and over and I try to pull and convey the song into visuals. What emotions and colors the beat stirs in my creative mind and being.
What's made me mad today and yesterday. Yesterday morning- dad knocks on the floor upstairs to wake up. I was changing when he did that. Makes me think I should have just moved out.
This morning mom comes to search downstairs where the car scrapper & brush is. I said I don't have it. She didn't believe me. I don't understand why they would accuse me of taking it and stashing it somewhere since I don't even have a car. Why would I need it?
I forgot to pack clothes today. Balls. Means no change of clothes if I stay over at the bf's.
Boss is away for the next four days. It's been quiet the last few days. I hope the clients won't stir up stuff when the boss clearly said he would be away. Designing new sites for new clients :). Sometimes I wonder if I should be in a relationship right now. My attention is split between so many different things. Today for an hour is my personal date. Yesterday was alone time but I spent it working out- doing laundry and designing. I wish I had like two clones. So there's three of me. We can all sleep together in the same bed. It's big enough and I'm small enough to do so. One would work some odd ball jobs and one would clean all day and do laundry and one would design all day and that would be me!!! Wahahaha. Either that or they better make teleporting soon. Travel time - make me feel like I'm wasting time. Then again I blog now during travels and read if I remembered to bring my book. I should sketch if I can. But it's rough reading a hunka chunka book when you're standing. So if I don't get a seat and it's too crowded I deny myself the right to read or sketch. Which kinda sucks.
Starting to wonder if Vancouver is behind Toronto by a lot. Considering body world came not too long ago and I saw the same show last year in Toronto. I noticed we're finally getting three bin systems! The recycling hoops around light posts were so lame Vancouver! You spent money to manufacture a system that can't even withstand Vancouver elements and life span is shorter by so much. Have the bin system. Have the recycling that the public throws away be given back into the community.
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