Friday, November 12, 2010


Well what's more to say than yesterday was a bit interesting. I spent most of the day cleaning - I swept up the kitchen and mopped the floors, cleared our the room and swept and mopped those floors, put on the tint on the window. SJ and his brother came and we went to Ikea. When I first went, I was a bit cautious if the boxes would fit. SJ - we'll make them fit. Well I didn't know how big the boxes were till I saw them and I was worried. Then the guys started to worry. I purchased it and somehow the guys fit it. ( although this is pretty dangerous) they slid he boxes down the center resting on the center console. The thing is two boxes that sat on top rested between headrests to keep them in place. - see that's all on a 'still' theory but when movement is introduced you have to be careful. See there was my headrest behind the drivers that so on a right had turn and the back swings. My head and RJ's head is safe because my headrest stops the back from sliding. There was no safety for SJ on left hand turns and what ended up happening is I had to grab and steady the top two boxes with my right arm the drive during motion. My butt wasn't even sitting down on the drive. Left hand turns were rough! Let's just say...if I didn't do what I did.. It would take SJ out, and he's our driver! It was scary... So much so I was sweating! And we didn't even got straight back to my house after >_< SJ wanted to hit up Walmart. I thought my arm was just going to give. :( but we made it and went to Walmart to get some supplies for the cd mix tape of Desi Methods works. He needed cases to hand them out in, labels and in the check out I ended up picking up post it stickies that were arrows and said.. Listen. SJ - right away said get it.
Yesterday when I was cleaning out the room. I cleared off the guest mattress and was taking apart the frame when I discover all these random pieces of wooden boards, cement tiles, bags of large pieces of fabric. I'll be honest- I'm tired of this constant rotation. I wanted to throw out the bed frame right there and then because I'm so sick of having to believe that an easy clean up job would be easy. To only discover this whole bunch of hidden stuff I must now spend more energy to clean out. I told her I was tired of it. As I called my father down. Her being her quickly picked up her pieces and moved them. Mom's like a mouse. She's quick and quiet and builds a nest. When I decided to move - my sister asked what about mom. What she's going to do to my current room. I can't worry about that. I can't control her. If I chose to stay or not she will still do what she does. Hoarding is not something you can change over night. I think If we called the hoarding people over - mom would be the toughest case. She would beat people up! Lol - ok maybe exaggerating but I do come from two parents that taught us how to defend ourselves from a very young age. But she's a hard shell to crack. My family dreads the day she passes away. Perhaps me the most cause I feel that I will be the one to have to clean it all up. I shouldn't dread my moms actions in life - but as much as I don't want to - I stress at the thought of staying and the thought of leaving. Leaving my dad to having to put up with my mom will be a hard thin to do. It is a problem but I spent a lot of time having to deal with it.
When we got back to the house, built the shelf. Then when it came time to lift the massive beast. I was in trouble. What on earth made me think I would be able To get it up right on my own really baffles me. I asked mom for assistance but she took one look and was a negative Nancy. Didn't even try and started to say negative things. Well I left that alone and just did the cover art of this Saturdays song. However the deadline is today so - priority. What needs to be done now... Is done now... Some other things can wait.
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