Thursday, December 16, 2010

The days begin

The days begin
It's somewhat of a beautiful morning. Spent two days with the bf and had one of the best dinners I've ever had for our anniversary dinner. The bf took me to the boathouse. It was so good! I love good food and theirs was just fantastic! They even gave us complement dessert to celebrate the anniversary! I was so full already but some how found room for this delicious delight! The food was so good I was on the brink if shedding tears! As I sat there and ate I realized I enjoyed the - dressing up and going somewhere nice to eat. And I thought if that was what was missing before. Enjoying ourselves and great food. Bf says it's too bad that I was never really taken out to enjoy such things - it is unfortunate but he took the initiative to do it which is nice. Bf got me a ps3 for anniversary and I got him a few copies of his car printed on poster board and some on vinyl. A picture that was taken for the upcoming feature thats going to be in a car magazine. We should really clear room for it to put it up. He picked his favorite out of it, which was my favorite too. Bf got me an extra controller that came with little big planet which got me smiling. I had hope to be able to play the game again since the second one is coming out, but it was a game I enjoyed playing and had to give it up during the split.

I have a meeting tonight - which after I hope to paint. But I have to clear my computer again - My laptop fills easily with every video that's filmed for the time lapses. I'm on my last two canvases and I'm a bit nervous finishing it. I hope to have the piece up Before Christmas if that's possible.
I had to re-install the programs on my Pc. I don't think it installed right so I might have to do it again tonight.
I'm getting a bit upset that it's just not working.

I have to prep for a bit of upcoming stuff. It's time to let myself daydream

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