Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Feels like Forever

Feels like Forever
Since I blogged that is. The days seem shorter now. Meetings at the beginning of the week and I feel like I don't want to see anyone anymore for a while. Considering I used to be a major loner. Really. I'm still grasping around the fact that I'm juggling all this. I don't even have kids yet or my own place. Ohh I should put on make up.
Crap I don't have a mirror. I'm now thinking I should be more organized in my room. So earring holder and bracelet holder and necklace holder. A part of me is ready to pack up the vinyls and KH models but they are still too awesome to me to let them just sit in a box. I have a lot of cleaning to do. Around my work area.

Monday I had a meeting with Chris and a few of his friends. And John was there and some familiar faces but it was more a friend hanging out event but business was involved. Yesterday I had a meeting with a friend of a friend that work for primeamerica. Their retirement plan thing looks a bit - good Hahha. Mind debates. I thought I was meeting someone who needed a logo or something. What a bit of a waste. I have a meeting later on tonight. I am going to be honest to say I have no idea how people do the networking thing and all that jazz. I get exhausted. I guess cause I'm the kind that gives a lot of energy off when meeting someone. A lot of focus has to be there or I just walk away. Like yesterday when I was at memory express. Boyfriend was talking to them about my monitor and I just didn't feel like sticking about. I wanted to look at stuff. I picked up my new comp, yet I'm not feeling that satisfaction I thought I would. Is it cause I don't have the monitors? My keyboard and mouse. I want the other comp to be functional- considering I have files on there and design programs. Now I have to look into getting new programs and such for the new comp. And me being me. A little hesitant about downloading stuff to this new beast. I really can't afford have anything crap out on me.

Boyfriend was awesome yesterday. Dropping me off at work, picking me up at lunch to go pick up my artwork from the show that just ended. We had lunch together and after my meeting he picked me up to go get my comp in Richmond. When we got back home, he helped me set it up. I don't know if any one guy has done so much for me in one day really. Is that sad to say?

I feel like moving out but the funds aren't there at the moment. The parents want to let go and hang on at the same time. And I'm sure they know its a matter of time.

Im thinking now of how and where the comp should be set up. My original plans are scrapped due to the fact my new beast is bigger than the usual CPU towers.

I'm thinking too much. Need to learn to shut off.

The guy at work looks at me strangely when I come in. Like he wants to ask why I am late at times. Give me a break. My travel times an hour.

My sister gave me an awesome idea for a sign to put up at work where it says reception with an arrow, but it points nowhere. Which is hilarious.

I keep thinking about some people lately i shouldn't be. My times wasted on thoughts of those that simply felt like they left me behind - or did I just move on pass them. Wish there was a memory forgetting machine. Well someone can hit me really hard - but that's not even a win win situation. I wish goodbye was that simple - with just a word.

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