Friday, January 07, 2011

Earlier Than The Bell

Earlier Than The Bell
Well, I woke up today before my alarm went, but I also fell asleep to with the tv on. I woke up and when my phone alarm went off - Bones ( one of my favorite shows ) was playing. I did some ab tightening work outs as I laid there. Nothing intense just leg raises and knee to chest stretches and such.

I feel better than yesterday. Although I did start to get bit of chest pains last night. I don't know what it is, just feels like my heart hurts.

Yesterday after work I walked out with Sonia and parted ways at the end of the block. I underestimated the amount of time it took to walk from my work to the Westin Hotel. I had a meeting with an old acquaintance I would call my friend- I have known for 10 years and chatted with him online for most of that time. ( we never really had face to face conversations till yesterday. ) I also met with another manager there. I looked onto the walls of the Westin's restaurant - hidden and the potential for art on the walls is unbelievable. I mean the walls are large in scale. High ceiling, one giant bare wall. Big windows. Reminds me of a dream I had once. They gave me an identity sheet of Westin's to keep to the same kind of style. Which I already envisioned the thoughts of the style for the space to be. Or something in that direction .

My Friend took me for a tour around the pool deck and suggested if I was interested in doing an Artshow - that would be an awesome space. The other manager agreed as well. - the whole thing seemed unreal to be honest- making me nervous about making the pieces for the space. It would be some of the biggest pieces I'd have to produce. But I even told my friend - it's the good kind of nervous.

I noticed my gloves were gone- and I have no clue where I could have lost it. In the restaurant? The washroom? My work? I loved that pair- I got it in Toronto. I wonder if I can find another pair here. Toronto - my friend Sean - messages me the other day to say I'm awesome for wishing him a happy new year, apparently I was the only bud that sent him a message. And he inquired when I was going back to Toronto to visit cause he thought it was fun and weird to chill with me. :p

- well I just got to work and yay! My gloves are here! :) life's good.

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