Monday, January 03, 2011

Endless Chatter

I feel a bit sorry for my sister. As I stood and watched and listened helplessly to the endless chatter of parents announcing their worries to her as she was well aware of her surroundings. I had this chatter in my ear as I tried to be the photographer for the baby's photos of his first birthday. It's like all your emotions speaking all at once - basically if you were in the same environment for too long, you'll understand why some people go crazy hearing voices in their head. If they hear voices - it better be all at once. Cause voices one by one - can't make you go crazy, it's basically your conscience. I'll be honest, as everyone was speaking all at once - I just wanted to tell everyone to shut the f- up. It was on my brink of rudeness. Not on my behalf - everyone was being rude and it was making me disgusted.

Spending the last few days with my sister was nice. Even nicer to spend it with my nephew who'd wave to me in the mornings, smiled at me as I played little games with him. Yesterday was his birthday. The night before me and my sister worked on the main cake for baby Ethan's first birthday. The main character from Cars. Lighting McQueen Cake. I spent most of the time mixing icing and placing it on the cake. Yesterday, I carved out Domo Kun and iced him for a second part of Baby Ethan's Birthday Cakes. It was annoying when dad shows up as I was finishing up icing Domo Kun. He tells me as I'm icing to go get the baby, who was crying for my sister - who was cooking to pick him up. He tells me to be more faster. OK - unreasonable request - even my sister steps up to get him off my back. I tell my dad to pick the baby up, cause all he wants to do is see what mommy's doing. How do I know this, I picked him up this morning to view what mommy was cooking during breakfast. I noticed a few things about baby Ethan - he gets bossy with food. He loves food. He climbs everywhere like a monkey, which he gets from the sister. He understands me when I say things to him, he looks at me knowingly and smiles.

Before working away on the Domo Kun Cake, me and my sister went to toys-r-us. I wanted to buy duplo for baby, but my sister talks me out of it, cause baby's too young still. Well she better be careful cause next year... I'm getting him twice as much. I ended up getting him a doodle pad. One of those ones that you draw on and you slide the thing at the bottom to clear what you've drawn. I was thinking of getting him an aqua pad drawing thing but, they didn't have the one I wanted. We then head on over to best buy and I get baby a toy wii control since he always wants ours as me and my sister are playing dancing games. I got myself a movie I always wanted to get and that's the final fantasy movie. The animation is so amazing!

I'm home now, took a shower and feel great. Tomorrow will be the last day of my so called vacation time. Longest time I've had off all 2010 - to be honest. I loved it - even though I was sick. I'm going to clean my room, clear out some recycling, and move some last things about. Finish updating my website. There's so much I want to do this year! I can't wait to get started on so many things.
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