Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Packed and lacked

Packed and lacked
I pack everything but one! Frickin- laptop charger cable. Damn it. Anyways I started this blog entry a little late but that should be fine.

Yesterday the hallways of my level in the building I work at were being painted. I wondered what if some random person walked up and ruined what they were doing. Ok when I say random- I mean me. Jkjkjk- seriously as I exited the washroom with my co-worker and walked by one of the two painters, I kind of broke out in a giggle imagining someone just walking up to a newly painted wall raising their hands and slamming themselves to the wall and rolling along the wall. Stop, looks at the painter and tells them to paint it again. I really don't know why I thought of that- then i thought, are there painters out there that sabotage one another like that?? Or time is money- and work is work with no real fun. When I told my co-worker this little thought she laughed as well. Then said the obvious- you would so ruin your clothes.

I realized my works going into overload. 13+ current clients with on going projects right now. All wanting and needing something to get done. Time to get serious. I hope I get to play soon :(

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