Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Planning a Get Away

Planning a Get Away
Its already the middle of the month and I'm so excited about the end of the month. Planning a get-away with the Bf from this little city of ours. To Seattle - hey it's still somewhere. I've been to Seattle before. I wonder if the vinyl toy store is still there. I remember them having a series of shops that had art and vinyls and clothes combined. I booked the hotel last night. Before I went to sleep at 2ish am. I was uploading videos that were long over due to be uploaded. I feel so horrible. I should burn those photos for hockey for Kero.

Chris is getting himself back on his feet, but I don't want him to forget about everyone else. Same with me!

Me and my sis are planning a new YouTube channel together doing skits. I don't know, I just feel it will be fun. I'm thinking of making a panda suit. I know that's pretty weird to say, but I just think it would be awesome to surprise my nephew too. I wonder what his reaction would be like.

My mind is so blank. I'm to plan a dinner with a few relatives of my X. Since I do miss them and would love to see all the babies as well. It's really weird the thought. I never was in a relationship where I simply loved the family, especially for so long. Watching babies grow up only to one day - stop. Like they died to you and you died to so many people. But you didn't. You see them randomly and you say your hi's and byes and catch up but it's harder now even with technology to keep in touch and update. Time passes like the wind, invisibly but seen.

I feel like I want to sing- but investment in a mic is non-existent at the moment. And I have to get the guitar re-strung.

There was that population theory that we're going to reach a record high in the next few years. I don't remember how many people but I wonder is this right? How can you count that for sure? I mean people are dying in masses due to natural disasters currently happening all around the world. There was that flood in south America, China, where else? Has anyone ever considered that God is simply evening out the odds? I'm not saying that he's going on a killing rampage with all this but - read the bible- I'm just saying- this isn't the first time he's been recorded in the bible about being sick and tired of the population aging, living in sin and poverty. The ratio to people and resources are not looking good but we can plant trees just as fast as we cut them down but to grow them in time is the problem. Water- Earth as in minerals - that's limited.

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