Thursday, January 06, 2011

Tired and Upset

Tired and Upset
I didn't hear my phone and it's text messages till I checked my phone before going to bed to find some messages. And they left me staying up for an extra half an hour to an hour because of my emotions. SJ was right that emotions should not control me but - kind of difficult when I'm a woman. Emotions rule a lot of what we do and the choices we choose to make.

I'm tired and really wanted to sleep this morning. Strange though, I woke up this morning feeling like someone stroked my hand. My eyes shot open and a few seconds after my phone alarm went off. I try to exercise right when I get up - but it's pretty difficult. When your body is telling you that it needs more sleep. I've been running on 5 hours or less each day and I really don't know how long this will last. I would think I just need to get a routine going. At least I wasn't running for the bus this morning and I actually ate before leaving the house.

Yesterday- Ry's message made me feel like I'm being so selfish. Am I? I'm bidding for one day out of 7. I haven't seen him since... Christmas?

Wow - I really want to go back to bed right now - I wonder what the rest of D-Meth Crew are up to.

I painted last night but didn't film it- it was just a background I was painting- not the main subject of the paintings. I'm thinking how really want it to look.

I'm falling asleep. Gonna shut my eyes a bit before work. - lates

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