Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I'm still working on my website and it's coming along more slowly that anticipated. Which isn't delightful. I wonder what is the last section of the 6 on my featured home page that will be - featured. I have 5. This sucks.

It's taking far too long to do this and it bothers me. I uploaded or started to upload Seattle trip images yesterday.

My face seemed to have a reaction to something yesterday and I had a sudden outbreak of bumps on my cheek on one side of my face.

Damn my heartbreaks as I get snow reports on my phone. And how warm the city is becoming as our winters get so much shorter. I should figure out a way to get up on the weekend. Even if it's on my own.

Heading to work and my mind kind of blank. What is there to finish? - a website design, another design - a whiteboard full of stuff. It's been a month + of me and another designer. I wonder how much more longer this is going to go. My body is still getting used to getting up at 5am.

I was thinking of implementing a game with the people of the lower mainland - but it's a public event and I wonder how many are willing to do it. But it's a good way to word of mouth your name. I won't share with you this idea just yet.

I'm thinking of just story writing on my way to work these days. Maybe I'll set it up tonight. I have had set another blog account for short stories. maybe I should ask my other friend to co-write with me. Alternation of stories from different minds? Instead of ones I've written.

I've been thinking of getting rid of a lot of stuff lately. Video games, movies, stuff. I don't know what it is-maybe the fact that stuff- not important to me anymore. The set in of physical objects to ones reality with a time limit feels a little pointless at times. When it all comes down to it- those things really don't matter. Pick yourself up and move on. What are the things you would take with you when needed? If I can go on a trip and not miss something- that something isn't as important as you believe it to be. Can I have a garage sale? Donate the unused items of the present?

I read my friends write up last night about one of his projects. It was touching and I can only help as much as I can on my part to see the project moves in a direction that is forward.

Everyday has a way of changing your perceptions. Let them be progressive thoughts.

Love endlessly- loving openly is my obstacle and I know this. Be kind to a world that breeds negativity is difficult. Loving should be easy. Loving Openly - tests all the elements and foundations of you. Your eyes see your negativity and you change for love- cause if you don't, it will not be open to you.

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