Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well- Bf thought to ask if I was flirting with anyone. My answer is NO - I just don't have that much time to spend flirting out of the handful of replies I make on Facebook / emails/
Texts and what not. I have slipped back from painting. DJ was over last night as we worked on editing the video for his project. It turned out all grainy and still need to figure out why the whole time till the end. The video still isn't up yet.

I get a text this morning from Bf wondering if I had taken his loaf of bread - really? - NO. I had more than enough to carry yesterday with my bag so heavy I had to switch arms while walking down the street every so often.

I was looking at my goals in life yesterday night and had felt I've suddenly stopped pursuing them which I should never had. DJ tells me well be knocking Whale Watching off my list hopefully when we are in Tofino.

I'm getting random pains lately- maybe cause I'm hungry. Mornings are the worst when I don't eat.

It was snowing like crazy yesterday when I left work. But it seems as though mother nature didn't allow it to stick. The only bit of evidence is the thin layer that covers the cities like frost.

I'm a bit irritated at the moment and I can only hope this emotion subsides as there is a big day ahead of me this morning as everyone is getting ready for the big trade show coming up in Toronto. Apparently not hundreds but thousands go to this show- which I will be on vacation as it's going on. But before I do- a short step of insanity will hit our office. I'm already pulling hair trying to get the re-design for a trade show panel off the ground. One of those clients that don't give you specifics on what they want- you design two that are polar opposites and still there is no trace of a direction you should follow.

I should be working on painting but there's that blankness again in me. I should finish the goldfish series and see where that takes me.

I wonder if I did some artwork for places and donated it - would it work. What about a project that gives - project cafe art houses ? Hmmm will elaborate more later on.

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