Monday, February 07, 2011

Redesigning the Redesign

Redesigning the Redesign
I spent most of this weekend working on my website. As I watched the last of the lord of the rings marathon, staring my How I Met Your Mother marathon. Since the hacking of my website, I can only say that putting my new site in the works has been a troubling one, adding new elements and featuring some others. I think Bruno Mars like Jason Mraz are some of the best people to start off the day musically that is. I really don't know how they are as people - but it would probably be an adventure. Back to my site- I'm turning it 180- from a blank canvas look to something - more- well I don't know how to describe it now. Its different and probably not what a lot of people would think it would be the direction I take my website to but it's different.

Wow - I usually get big people that sit next to me on the train in the box front where I'm sitting but someone took the place of this big lady that was sitting next to me earlier and he's not taking up elbow room! :) yay!!!

I have nothing much to say this morning - oh, my nephew - super cheeky baby. Getting really mean too. Hitting, yelling. But then he flips to the I Love You Lots mode. but he's still really cute.

Man I'm still sleepy. I wonder if I have time to go shopping before work for groceries for the week. Damn it. I hope so.

Been working out again and hmmm I need more nutritious food at home I can probably eat. I think that's why I lose a lot of weight when I stay at home. There are no food of nutritious value and my body starts feeding off itself because there isn't else I can really eat. If you wonder why I don't buy groceries home to make my own food... My reply is- have you seen my fridges ? Yeah - one fridge and one huge freezer full of crap food. I think I totally binged this past Sunday - eating and craving all this yucky junk food.

God - my death dates in April and I haven't gone boarding yet. :( I have yet to enjoy your winter gift of snow. I want it to super snow, so I can build some snowmen and women and children :p

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