Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Ups and The Downs

The Ups and The Downs
Since my nightmare the night before last - my emotion of excitement and happiness has been replaced with a sense of I don't know what you call this. What's it called when you just feel emotionless? Not even. I was upset yesterday to the point where I barely ate in the day. A yogurt? A English muffin? - my dinner - toast. Yeah- my nightmare effected me that much. But the truth it shouldn't cause nightmares for me are a bit of non reality. I have to prepare for myself for the now and physical - cause all we ever have is the now. It's the only thing we can really control.
Today is my mom's birthday! Hmmm what should I get her?
Going to dinner tomorrow night. My friend had forwarded this event to me about free dj'ing session. And it's tomorrow night too. For one, I rarely like to do things on my own in Vancouver. Weird right? - maybe cause it is a session. Or just my anti-social talking. Shyness doesn't escape you very much - or at least me. Later today I will be making something for tomorrow. I wonder where he'll be taking me.
Oh - I was in la Senza yesterday shopping and I asked the lady how do the sizes work for camisoles - small, medium, large. When I told her my bust size she looked shocked ( I'm wearing a thick jacket and she took one look at my waist and said I should be going for a medium. It will hug me better. Since I seem pretty small everywhere else. Strange in my mind I don't think I'm very small at all. Damn I forgot my shopping bag at home >_<. I have to do my breakfast and lunch and snack shopping.
I'm currently working on helping my friend launch this project that when funded - will be very interesting.
Yesterday when leaving work - I was talking to my boss about where I'll be going. Tofino - with a bunch of Friends - shooting and we ended up talking about Whistler and when I said I've never been- wow. My boss even suggested i have to book some time off - look at priceline and plan to go cause it's just something I have to do. This year may just take me all over the place. It's pretty excited. I should be. I'm happy my year is starting with adventures - and with great people in my life.

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