Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Death - Life

I had a strange happening not too long after returning from the trip one of these last few nights something happened. dangerous, something that would have cost me my life.

I have a heater in my room that's a room space heater. it sits near the foot of my bed. When I went to sleep all my pillows and such were at my head. I was fast a sleep and I don't know when and out of no where my body jumps awake and I find myself reaching for my giant stuffed doughnut that had fallen against the heater. I place my hand over the stuffy to see if it was warm and to see if I can see how long it's been sitting there. A part of it's tag was about to be melted to the heater but the rest of it was fine. I find myself thinking - wow - I could have died. It could have caught on fire and that would be the end of all things as I would know it. I don't know why I woke up and just instinctively reached for it but perhaps it is because someone maybe looking out for me spiritually. Perhaps they shook me awake and reached for it through me.

Just yesterday a car running a stop sign almost hits our car on my passenger side door. It slows down and turns off in front of us as though our car wasn't even there. It proceeds to go down the street then instead of taking the turn we did to merge onto the knight street bridge. He goes and turns right on a no-right turn lane and merges into traffic. Ryan was upset - and me - I don't know - I felt a little unfazed. I my heart didn't race when the Van almost hit us. Is there something wrong with me? Or have I accepted it.
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