Monday, March 14, 2011

Let's Back Track

Let's Back Track
A week ago I was still in Tofino- what was I doing there. Well some dreams take more than one person to help make it come true. I was simply there to really experience Somethings I never had. At the same time accompany my friend in helping record his first experience in project 100 Sessions to heaven.

We left for the trip on Saturday morning- with me finishing up the 100S2H shirts for the team the following night. I didn't get much sleep the morning of- apparently when i got picked up and arrived at DJ's house - I realized not none of us really got that much sleep - well - I think Vik and Shalini got the most. There was 6 of us on this trip by the way. Me- the graphic designer and artist. Vik - the photographer & interviewer. Brian- tech guru, interactive arts specialist& videographer. Trevor- One of DJ's best friend, surfing buddy, web developer and Future med student. Shalini- musician, singer, songwriter. Then there's the one and only superstar- DJ, who this trip was all for. Where he's on the start of his dream journey to travel the world and surf and snowboard and our first stop was Tofino, British Columbia.

The trip was funny- with me feeling like a mom- yelling at everyone to pack into the car and get ready. But everyone felt pretty chillier of the time- but really- I really wanted all this to work out for DJ - my heart was with the start of this dream- of something greater. I don't think a friend can give anything greater than helping one another fulfill their dreams- except if they give up their lives to save yours. But that's a whole different level. I was wanting this whole trip to be on time- to be shared and most importantly experienced. We couldn't do that if we were to miss the ferry. We got to the ferry - And it seems as though every time we got to the ferry ticket booth DJ shouted - 1adult and 5 kids! And I sat in the car wondering - who the adult would be If that was the case. But we were all adults. We fooled around. I got to pet an awesome big dog! And got on the ferry. When we loaded on the ferry we shot some photos and footage. Ate some awesome vegetable sandwiches for breakfast and when we docked we continued on our way. We stopped at a Tim Hortons as our first stop to get some food to eat. This particular Tim Hortons was so quick as so many people visited and the lines grew. In and out service was crazy impressive!

On most of the drive I have to confess that I kept falling asleep in the car. And where ever we stopped - was like a new adventure. Our first stop was Coombs - Vik pulled us over to see these gigantic statues at this coombs emporium. The statues were well made and were beautiful. I couldn't help myself in mounting a bear statue and having Vik take a photo. I wanted to take a photo with one on the way to Calgary- but that never happened. I fooled about with some statues but it was really all in good fun considering I felt so small compared to them.

Our second stop was Coombs market. With a grass roof - and a friend telling me it was where I would get to see goats on the roof. Yeah- that didn't happen! Apparently they don't go on until it gets more warmer. Spring. But there we met a man who was playing his guitar and singing - busking as they would call it in parking lot. He tells us his story as my friends interview him to hear what his story is. Then he tells us this one story that stuck with me, that all things are possible and that running into anyone anywhere is also a possibility. He tells us that one day that he was playing where he was a few years ago. When a man behind him with a thick Italian accent says to him, " you have a good voice, but you must sing louder!" and goes to proceed to bellow out a tune. He says everyone in the parking lot stopped and turned to see who it was that just sang out loud. The man moves on and it was only after then someone approached him to inquire if he had knew who that man was. He admitted he didn't know who he was and someone told him that it was Pavarotti. The market was cute with the feeling that it's cozy and organic market feeling. Things are pretty cheap, art supplies, traditional wooden toys, fresh baked bread, and a bunch of other stuff. DJ - landed awesome cheese and some jerky. I did feel we may have stopped a bit longer than I liked to have, but I hope everyone with me got something out of it considering this stop was kind of my idea.

Our next stop after this was a road side where DJ - adventurously climbed down, next to follow were me and vik, carrying our cameras. The view was amazing. and what I can say is that DJ - came out from that road side with a stop / slow sign that someone had thrown down / burned. I wanted to pee somewhere in the bushes since we were a while away from a stop - but vik took too long and wanted to take home with him as a souvenir - a wet piece of wood. I must agree that it looked interesting, but .. no comment. We hopped back into the car and our next stop was where I got to go to the washroom in the porta-potty. Fantastic, trying to hold my breath trying to pee. I hop out and we go walking through these trees to a rocky cliff side. While DJ goes hopping through carrying the camera tripod and Trevor and Brian follow. I wander a little with Shalini to find that Vik had wandered off into another cliff side as well. We try to get down to where he is, but our efforts fall short and I return to where the guys are since I was worried that they may fall or something. I start to climb across as well to the guys but there were just this one hop I didn't dare to make. The view was amazing. Filmed a little, took some fabulous photos and as we were leaving Trevor pulls our attention to the water spurting up a ways away from the shore. It was whale! it was our first whale site-ting of the trip!

We film along the way on the way to Tofino - we stop by Long Beach and catch as the sun is just about the go down. The boss of the trip announces that we only have 5 mins there, but of course the other video and photography creatives took their time.

We get to the bed and breakfast Tofino Trek Inn, and settle in before getting ready to go out together to eat dinner together. I ordered the chicken burger with a side of salad and a bellini cocktail. It was nice to sit and eat dinner with a group of friends - especially one that creatively supports one another. The night ends and we all get ready for bed for a long day ahead the next day.
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