Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's another down morning

It's another down morning
I don't know what happened last night - but this morning I woke up to find all my hanging closet items on the floor. The hanging joint where the bar sits on gave out. I left the house to miss the normal bus. Then I miss two other buses that are on my transfer route.

I've been thinking - who are my crushes. Now there are basically null. Why? Well Jugo Juice guy sold off his business so - no more eye candy. But people I've crushed on are off limits or taken - and in the terms of mr.193 - he's now taken and very far away. So - crushes - null now.

Would I get with them if they returned to me to say that they are interested and want something more. - it all depends- always.

I feel very tired. Now I have to think about what to do about my closet.

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