Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Moving On

Moving On
You take everything one step at a time - you make your choices and move on. Sacrifice what you need to. Know what you want and go for it. Don't wallow in regret. Don't think what would it have been like if- think I want it to be like this. And make the changes you need to be what you want it to be. Declare what you want proudly and loudly. Don't slap the person you love in the face unless you're willing to get a slap back. Don't expect the person you love - to love you back the same way. And don't assume that the person you love - doesn't love you either. Don't reason with love, cause love has only one reason. Don't look back - just forward. Don't take the grief from the past - carry what you cherish - love and happiness. Give - more than you get - be happy - be kind - be better as a person - beyond the average person.
- continuation in the early morning. I'm on my way but my disturbing dream lingers. I dreamt that I was one of a few being chased down by some crazy killer. He wasn't even after me - I just wanted to use me for bait. The sad thing about it is - it worked. A part of me didn't know why I was running most of the time in the dream. Then he came out to protect me - so - unfathomable - this stranger I knew and in my dream but not in this "real" world. In the last few minutes of being caught he comes to stop all the madness. Me fighting back for him not to sacrifice himself was useless - and the one moment of torture he bares I sat right next to him powerless. In the last moment however I let out a scream and I'm transported to another event with an upset familiar face. He says to me he gained a pound. But my mind remained at the mysterious hero and I woke up from this dream.
Why have I been dreaming of crazy tortures even I personally have never experienced or come across in my life. This is perhaps the third one of this year.
zzzZzZZ I need some good sleep.

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