Sunday, April 17, 2011

Price of Future

Price of Future
I went out yesterday morning with my God Brother. We went to go visit my a friend who owns a sandwich shop in Surrey. We were talking about things. And cake making the night before I was talking to my sister about things too.
I maybe in the state of blankness as it with things. I should be going out and having fun this upcoming season. spring and summer. If unhappiness settles sooner than things need to be fixed.

Continued after the sun run -
Yup just did the sun run - I didn't run it - just a nice walk with a friend. Heading back home now to relax and chill with the family dog. I may pack up more items for donation.
Grateful - for what I have now and how things are. But a part of me is starving for more - for someone that's wanting to do activities with. Wall climbing, hiking, biking, snowboarding... Etc. Life's way too short.

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