Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The saddest little dog

The saddest little dog
Right now the ultimate heartbreaker is CC - my dog. He just seems like the saddest little thing right now. Being blind ( only notices movement if he stands long enough to pay attention to what's around him ). He's deaf now so won't react when you call him. Even though I'm home- he refuses to eat. He's gone quickly back to a skinny little one. He was so heavy just the other week. He stands and then slowly slides down to the ground to lay down. He can't see the steps anymore so sometimes he stumbles down them. He remains a little frighten after that even when it was just one or two steps he slid down - but not fell. He doesn't see the ledge of the pavement where it meets the grass. It scares him when he looses a bit of his footing before he hits the grass. I have to turn on the lights as he moves around or i find him unknowingly walking into the wall / dresser / mirror. It breaks my heart as I hear a little whimper from him as he sits only an arms length from him - and he seems to believe no one is with him. He faces away from me, walks right by me, looks for me as I stand right next to him. This little man seems to love me more than anything in this world. Wish I had a guy like that.

He seems so relieved when I hold him in my arms as he sink into my arms. I can't tell but it feels like he's smiling as he closes his eyes as I hold him a little tighter.

I don't if he's simply now in pain to do anything. He just sleeps. Do I just let him sleep? I have a hard decision to make soon.

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