Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bye Bye Pidge

Bye Bye Pidge
My heart's a little heavy this morning. Last night I come home and walk by in the dark to hear the birds in a frantic. More than the norm. I turn on the light to find Pidgeotto - a yellow cockatiel we've had in the family for ten years plus - stuck and bleeding and in a panic. I rush to help him - I quickly open up the cage and try to support him. He was holding on with his beak pretty hard. Apparently he had probably slipped and got stuck between the cage and the feeder, his right wing caught between the bars of the cage. Both wings bleeding. He must have been panicked and flapping and stressed for a while. I shouted for my dad as he was sleeping upstairs. It takes him a few minutes to respond and when he showed up he helped me push his caught wing back into the cage, at that moment I feel him no longer grabbing onto my finger, he let go of the cage and when we freed his wing and I think we've saved him, he slips from my hands like butter and lands on his back and I and his eyes slowly a his eyes. And right there we knew he had just died. My heart is heavy - but I can't even imagine how long he's been stressed and stuck like that - that overwhelmed him. Irony of it all was that he was just a weekend away from being given to a better home and family. Our family had finally decided to get rid of the birds and give them away. Me and dad took Pidge out of the cage to check for sure he was dead, and placed him back in for half an hour for Fei to know, Pidge was dead. However it was when we were just about to wrap him up and get rid of him when he started to make a lot of noise. - even this morning as I pass by- I feel he's in a panic and just realizes Pidge was absent. Fei loves Pidge- I should say loved - but I think he still loves him regardless. But Pidge was just annoyed by Fei most of the time. They fought but the kind of fight for interaction sake on Fei's behalf.

I end the night washing my hands of his blood - Doing some work before hitting the sack. As sad as the moment is and how much it sucks to not have saved him. My emotions are pretty good- I have not cried yet for his loss - but I hope in the end he knew we loved and tried to save him.

Before that night - my day was normal. Went to work and decided to go for a visit to my sisters and baby. Ethan's getting so big so fast. So adorable that I was sharing some ice cream with him. A waffle cone. Apparently he loves the chocolate and peanut cover and waffle cone. He loved the waffle cone so much he almost had a bit of ice-cream go up his nose for the sake of wanting to take a bite of the waffle cone. A little later in the evening he ends up feeding me - some grapes that is. It was pretty cute how he walks up to me with a grape in hand. I offer my hand out to take it and he refused cause he wanted to feed it to me. If there is one thing I notice is that our family is big on feeding as a way of love.

Well I'm almost at work. And I'm gonna wrap this up. I'm still going through and selling items on eBay. It's going pretty good but I wish things sold more easily. I'm now fighting the urge to buy more stuff. I think I'll try to sell more stuff before doing so.

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