Friday, May 27, 2011

Missing a piece of me

Missing a piece of me
And I can't put my finger on just what- it is I'm missing. Maybe I'm just tired from working 8 hours with 2 hours of travel on top. I sleepy. But I feel - sad.

I think I should start to really draw out my story. - book - that is - graphic novel? Are there popular online graphic novels? - I wonder. Bigger question is will people read it?

Maybe it's a little of the family matters. That's just getting me down. Lots of changes about to go on and I really just feel like - hibernating.

Sometimes I just think of packing up and leaving - and then I wonder - where would I go? - what would I do?
I stopped doing the YouTube thing for a while to find inspiration. But I find none and I feel like emotions are down and out. My friends are all picking up as the summer is coming about and I am so proud of them and I feel - stuck.

Selfish thoughts lead no where. With Stories still untold, and a future to behold.

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