Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Breaking Hearts

Breaking Hearts
Some say that it's hard to be single. No it's probably the easiest thing. Hard is breaking the heart of someone you truly care for. Things are not the same - and no matter how hard you try, will it be the same? When things have already changed? Trying is better than giving up - right? I no longer know what is what anymore.

Sometimes I feel change comes a little too late - their time limit to show what they have to offer is up. Either one or both will feel short changed and the love is not the same love because of one clear fact - the honeymoon is over. And in their own ways both sides will feel like a sucker. And slowly nothing will ever be the same.

I'm tired - been feeling sick on and off for the last few weeks. Almost everything I eat gives me a stomach ache - the reason I said almost because the only thing I recall that don't are fruits. Maybe I should just eat fruits for a while.

Yesterday I met up with Esjay to go over stuff - what ended our meeting was that his power plug outlet into his notebook gets pushed into the computer and now he has no way to charge it. Which sucks. He may be out of a computer for a month.

I uploaded the images and whatnot from a few things this last week. Will post and update this blog soon ... I hope

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