Monday, June 13, 2011

A Long While

A Long While
It's been a long while since I blogged. I wonder if anyones missed me. I've officially breached 600 on YouTube and 100 followers on twitter. Any much of a prize? Not really. I wish I did more to work towards the fan base to cultivate it but I'm not a robot and there just aren't enough hours in the day.
The Canucks are playing tonight and I hope they win. The city would go nuts! And so much more love would bubble over our city. There just isn't enough in this city that to me seems to grow a little cold sometimes. But I shouldn't say that.
Yesterday I went to Eat Vancouver. I'll post some pics later. I saw a Canucks cake - it could have been better. I snacked on bread - chips - yogurt - sorbet - sausage - somosa - rice - miso - oyster - raspberry beer - had a margarita . Yeah got a little buzzed - all in one place! I thought it was interesting. On my way there however I was walking to the skytrain. A man with 2 chocolate labs are barking out the window. It scares me a little and I laugh it off. The man pulled over to a car park a head. As I keep walking another man asks where the skytrain station is. I point and say just up the street. - he thanks me and drives off - I soon come across the man with the two dogs as he pulls out of a parking lot. He apologizes for the dogs having scared me. He then says he'd offer to give me a ride to the skytrain but I was already so close to it. I said it's fine with a smile and waved good bye as I kept on walking. My skytrain ride was shorter than expected and I was soon at waterfront station. On my way out I notice a couple that seemed a little lost. Seeing they were dragging with them some luggage- I asked if they were going to the airport? They said yes. I pointed to them the opposite side of the platform and said they had to go that way. They thanked me and I went on my way. I make my way to the Vancouver Convention Centre and on the way - a man walks up. He said "SaaaaAaaa..." on the middle of him saying this I thought he was saying my name - which in my mind I thought - I don't know this guy- he then finishes word with "....vvvvee" he hands me a flyer. Damn it - there's one thing being a graphic designer - another is getting someone else's horrible job of a flyer! As I got to the entrance of the convention centre I call John and we soon meet for a great first time experience at Eat Vancouver!

Well I've been standing in heels this whole skytrain trip to work and my feet are starting hurt a bit so I'm off.
Have a good morning - good afternoon - good night.

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