Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chance in the hands of God

Chance, fate, coincidences, whatever we have come to know it as. I am starting to feel as though we are seeking to find a possibility of familiarity to make us comfortable in unfamiliar and uncomfortable circumstances. We do not like to be uncomfortable - we naturally seek a beneficial outcome of our situations. We will seek commonality.

I now wonder how difficult it is to seek someone of great compatibility with out the assistance of something. In the movies and olden days people seemed to genuinely fell in love and it seems as though they made the effort to stay in it. To keep the love between two couples. Is it so much easier for us to be selfish these days. So blinded by the other efforts? That trying doesn't seem like it's worth trying for anymore? When did we become so lazy?

Here is my contemplation on finding things worth wild. One thing to keep in mind is that you're worth it. Trying for. If you want to lose weight and find that - what is it all for. You shouldn't be so blind- you should lose weight for you. Be fit and healthy for yourself, your loved ones, your future kids, and future significant other. Without you - you'll miss out on so much. Now I don't want to say that you're better than anyone else - that you deserve more than anyone else - no. If you have a king complex - I'm not trying to feed that ego. I'm saying - prove your worth - that you deserve it. If you don't define yourself - how can you expect anyone else to see what you're made of? If you project yourself as a mess. Others will see it as so.

Loving someone requires you to be selfless. To love enough to let go, Love enough to try, love enough to be kind even when you may be standing in a pile of shit. We never intend or know how life is going to unfold for us - but for the foremost we make the best of it. Learning to be a loving person is difficult - you can try your best to be loving but sometimes it just doesn't get interpreted the right way. Even though sometimes loving yourself at some point is protecting yourself - it maybe rubbed off as selfishness. Don't ever blame others from running away from your problems. They are your own faults for you to solve. Sometimes people love themselves enough that there is no more love there to give.

I'm sitting here at the bus stop - on a day off - my bus is only 17 mins away but I know by the time I finish this that the bus would have arrived. I can call for a ride but I rarely enjoy such mornings. Walking around doing errands. Yet be timely enough to know when I need to be where without missing the bus. Enjoying the sun :) and actually seeing it. Being stuck in an office. I kind of feel this yellow bench is short to sit on- but then again I'm slouching down lounging :) I can't help it. I just dropped 300$ on present money for some babies... Before that I hit up staples and got some coin wraps and donated 10$ for some supplies for kids when they go back to school. My purchase in total was like 16$ with the donation. :/ do you think it will make a difference. I would like to think every little piece helps. The help at staples was wonderful. The girl behind the counter even complemented me on my necklace and bracelets :) I like to think I have some kind of fashion sense but I'm really one of those asian girls that rather define a style than follow one. I woke up this morning with a smile and I wonder if it will end just as good as it started. A piece of my heart is excited for that next month has to bring since the beginning of this July was tough to bare. I know it will start off with a wonderful surprise. A lot of people did say 2011 was going to be a good year :) but nothing is good and awesome unless you give the effort to make it so.

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night . SYL
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