Sunday, July 10, 2011

Creative weekend

It's been a busy weekend - Saturday with spending time with Chris and John. God bro and one two awesome friends. We went to the sandwich shop, La Charcuterie Salam the shop owner had just gotten into a car accident the past week and I couldn't even believe that he was at work. His car got hit by a semi from behind as he was on the freeway. It's amazing he wasn't in more seriously injured - like dead or totally bed ridden with broken bones. The amazements of car safety. Well the three of us got there - there was one man and one came in as our order was being made. In total the three of us ordered 2 sandwiches each. It's funny that I say "sandwich" to describe this beast of a sub sandwich because I feel it's in a league of it's own.
By the time we left the shop was filled with 8-9 people that had come in all the while our sandwiches were being made to the time we left.

Wait - I didn't tell you what happened earlier that day. Not to me but to Chris! - on Thursday he had planned to go to the sandwich shop with John and he invited me along with him. Well that Saturday morning - Chris's car unfortunately gets hit in a hit and run. Don't worry - he wasn't in the car. He had been getting ready to leave when his landlord knocked on his door to tell him the bad news. So he spent most of that morning - dealing with car crashing bastards, the police, and neighbors. But there is one thing he learned - how awesome his neighbors are. Sometimes in life we have to see the good out of the situation. Although something may have been lost, there is always something to gain. After the sandwiches I was dropped back home. I re-arranged the downstairs so it was more tidy and logical. My dad comes with concerns and asks of my brother knows. He's in Australia and has been for a year+ it doesn't really matter if I move stuff. Stuff could be moved back.

Sunday was a long yet creative day. I was picked up in the morning by Vik, where we soon went to go pick up Brian. We headed to pick up Shalini at her house, it was soon that we headed over to the studio of Winston Hauschild. We spent the rest of the afternoon listening to the final edits to Shalini's album that's to drop sometime this fall. We left around noon and soon headed off to Red Robins to get some lunch. We soon started to discuss the cd packaging and what could be a part of this debut package to promote. After lunch we headed over to Oscars book store on Boundry. We were in there for a bit before returning to Shalini's house to brainstorm some more. I goofed off on the piano. We then brainstormed some more and mocked up some design ideas. We didn't get home until 11pm or so. It was a refreshing day or creative productiveness. Nothing ever seems long in good company.
On the drive home I witnessed my first ever shooting star. Vik saw it too, too bad Brian didn't.

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night . SYL
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