Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Recalling Tuesday

It's been a busy week! I'll be honest I don't know if I'd want to recall Tuesday - at all. Early afternoon that is. It was busy at work, but not only that - I had to deal with some personal interruptions. It ate up my lunch hour and partly into work. It was then I had to call for assistance on a friend to help me out. Working hard and with emotional disruptions is inappropriate. Brink of tears nearly. July has perhaps made me cry the most this month. I said the other week to a friend - "Stupid July, keeps making me cry." Too many emotions stirring. Too many personalities to deal with. I had to get my mind off of it. Shalini messages me to let me know she was going to hit up Can Am Importique. If you're a Vancouverite and haven't visited this place, you should! Epic Awesomeness! Well the last time I was there was 3-4 years go, my brother threw a halloween party at the location. This time I was able to encourage my friends to hit it up for some props or ideas or even a location to shoot. Shalini & Vik and a new friend was waiting as I arrived. Raymond - a Vancouver events photographer. It's always nice to meet someone new, especially when I'm trying my best to be open and outgoing. We meet the one of the guys that run place and he walks everyone into the showroom. Shalini as I predicted was pointing at everything :) and loving all the sites.

There are more pics but I'll add them on a little later on. Pics that were taken by Raymond. A little bit of walking around and it was until were on the last part of the place which was the outside Brian came and joined us. After a little bit of walking around and goofing off - I realize I should have done a mini video in there - but I was too tired. Being there with friends however did really help me to take my mind off of the events that had unraveled earlier that day. Actually I would say that it took almost all of the bad residual emotions away - which is always a good thing. While we were there, I thought up of some skits which I hope will get to be brought from idea to life! I hope being there did help Shalini in moving forward with her dreams. Singularly I feel we are powerful - collectively, indestructible. As we come together to help lift one another a little closer to something more than just success / fame - perhaps it's helping one another reach our own definition of true happiness in life.

I think of something Ry wrote to me earlier that day - he said I seem to throw love all over the place. I'm not going to lie, it's true - it's not something I particularly feel is a bad thing at all. Someone also once told me that it seems like I wear my heart on my sleeve. I maybe small but I have a lot of love to give. The world needs more of it. It's not difficult to tell when I'm sad / upset .. my emotions are clearly written here. I am naturally a very loving person. If others get the wrong impression of me then they clearly haven't taken the time to really know who I am. If I love someone all the wrong ways then clearly I've failed in loving them. However we must know what makes us ourselves feel loved and communicate it well to get what we are seeking. Sometimes we don't know what we truly seeking until we begin to lack it.

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night . SYL
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