Friday, July 15, 2011

Recalling Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

The morning passes just like any other work filled. No distractions this time. Esjay calls me out latter that day to deal with some work issues we're having re-working the site. Something not even I can figure out is wrong. We did however write out a skit that's been in my head for a while. Maybe well flush it out this August. We brainstorm and even start to talk about other skits. But the night ends and Esjay drops me off later than evening.

THURSDAY: work - same - lame. No - I'm just kidding. I like my job. I just don't like dealing with people that don't let me leave when there is a last minute request.

Today was a nice day - I had such a people filled week that it was my time! And I loved it - after work I went shopping since I had missed the bus home. I went to go buy credits for my ps3 and then came across a sale I could not pass up. I got new blazer spring- summer tops, some tank tops, dresses, some long sleeves for colder days. Little did I know that this day would also become EPIC.

As I walked off to the bus stop to catch my bus home- I waited. A black man perhaps in his mid to late 30's approaches me. He taps me on the shoulder and asks me what I am listening to. ( I am a particularly shy person who's trying to be more sociable so I go with it) He gently takes the bud from my right ear and places it in his. ( Yes! This has never happened before but I'll play nice for now) Some music starts to play and great it's one of Justin Timberlakes remixes. Which kind of has an African beat. The guy then starts to say to me a series of unbelievable pick up lines. So unbelievable that I could not at all believe what was really happening. My responses were just coming out of my mouth. It was awkward. Here are just a few lines from this epic meeting of a stranger.

GUY: "This is some nice music, what is your name?"
ME: "Sze"
GUY: he repeats my name and tells me his name. "Acole"
He then proceeds to ask my age and I hesitate in telling him ( like all women) I tell him, what is it going to hurt.
He then says I'm too old jokingly saying he's looking for a 21 year old.
GUY: "what's your name?"
ME: "I already told you my name, if you're not going to remember what's the point of me telling you?"
GUY:"you a clean woman, your lips, your teeth... My place is not clean, I cannot bring a clean woman like you home."
ME: "Well I guess you should go home and clean your house so you can bring home a clean woman."
GUY: *laughs* "you're so smart, why are you so smart? - are you married? have a boyfriend?"
ME: "I am not married and do not have a boyfriend."
GUY: "why? - Are you a good woman?"
ME: "Depending on the man."
After a while of small chit chat and me trying to be nice, the guy's friend comes and tries to retrieve him. Acole tries to convince me to walk him home but I'm smart enough to refuse the offer saying I had to wait to catch the bus. Soon after the whole incident makes me feel awkward as he brushes the hair away from my face and then tried to brush hair away from my necklace.. I smack away his hands that tried to go any lower adding that was it was rude to do. He persists to ask me for my phone number and my reply was that I don't give out my personal information that way with my apologies. Soon I check my phone to notice that the next bus time I was looking at was the wrong bus number and I quickly added that I thought it was time for me to go. I say goodbye and make my way down to the next bus stop. I turn back half way on my walk to the next stop to make sure I wasn't being followed.

At this point I don't know if it was safer for me to be single - or not.
There is a reason I'm shy and guarded and perhaps this incident with this random strangers shows that I'm a bit too nice at times. I go to visit my sister the next day. I tell her what happened and she thinks and knows I'm too nice and she thinks I should have just been rude to the guy from the start. The fact is that I'm just not that kind of person. I'm nice because I am, I shouldn't feel violated trying to be open to strangers. I'm not dumb enough to let people take advantage of me to the point of emotion scaring.

As I left this friday from my sisters house my nephew hugs me hard for the first time and says goodbye. Sometimes it feels like he's the only one that makes me feel like I still have a heart, that I've got some kind of soul that aches for so much more in life.

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night . SYL
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