Monday, August 29, 2011

Falling into Feeling - Date#11.5

The morning started like any other. Work is work, and then lunch time rolls around. I go to meet B- for lunch since I had to drop off a DVD of video footage from his friends band that preformed the other night. I ordered the steak mushroom wrap as he got a california roll sandwich? Hahah I don't remember what it was called but he said it was really good. We both had an hour for work and parted in different direction with a hug and small pecks on the cheek from EH restaurant.

After work - I tried to wrap up quickly but I seem to keep leaving after 4pm now a days. Why this is, I don't know. A girl in the elevator sees me as I text with B- that I'm leaving work. She was eyeing my cellphone case and asks me where I got it. I advise that I got it at Richmond night market. She asked me how much and I told her than I believed one was for ten dollars and I gotten two for 18. She tells me that she just got an iphone 4 have hasnt switched over because she was looking for a case. I encouraged her to check out the night marker for sure. We stepped out of the elevator and said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I went on my way and when I got to the skytrain station there was an alert about delays as they were running single track from stadium to nanaimo stations. I text B- right away to let him know and he soon asks if I needed a lift.. I asked if it was alright if he could drop me off at a station like Joyce. Then it dawns on me that it is an opportune time to get his mama flowers as a thank you ( for watching CC ) and belated birthday as well. We go to one of my favorite florists there in little Royal Centre. I wait for B- to meet up with me before purchasing flowers. I thought he would help me pick out one but he didn't have a clue which ones his mama did or didn't have. I had earlier peeked in the store to look at the selection of orchids so I had already picked which one was a good pick or I was naturally drawn to. So I ended up getting my natural choice as I have B- a choice between two of my favorite picks. We got it and he was saying I didn't have to get his mama flowers... A very big part of me had to and this was something I knew I should not stand down on. The florist wraps it up nicely before we left. We end up going to his place to drop off to flowers.

He comes over late - before 10pm to take care of the dog as I work on some client work. He didn't have to - perhaps he shouldn't have... Cause now there is no going back on what it is I'm feeling. If I fall this time undoubtedly - will there be a recovery. He's the best thing that's ever come into my life.

I wrap up my work - show him some music videos. The UFO pics from meteor shower night, and he surfed the net as I went to take a shower. I go to my room to blow dry my hair as he sits himself next to the heater on the floor. It's a bit cold tonight. I finish blow drying my hair and go sit and give him a hug. He embraces me and at some point he says ... "you're not that far away." - I asked him to clarify ... He says to get to me... I hold him a little closer and just want to hold him forever... No one has ever said that to me before. He sets all the other ones apart. There is no other that can compare.

I walk him to the door as I'm all ready for bed now. Give him a big hug and thank him for coming. I said he should go before I'd want him to stay.

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night . SYL
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