Thursday, August 11, 2011

Waking Up At 4am

I went to sleep at 4am, just the other day I woke up at 4am was doing fine. This time it's another story. My body didn't do too well with just 2 hours of sleep. After work I go home to find that I get called out for D'Meth meeting. While waiting for Esjay to pick me up I stood there at my front steps of my house and was basking in the sun. I thought to myself how much everyone seems to love and use and benifit off the sun, yet in reality I know what the sun really is. It's something that's dying / died. Millions of light years away it was and is a dying star. Yet the rays from this sun is relied upon. I came to the realization that the sun is perhaps perfect representation of a beautiful death. Esjay shows up a bit later than he said he would which was to be expected. We go and pick up Parin from his place. We headed on over to starbucks in Chapters and during the meeting it I was getting sleepy and Esjay kept saying - "NO SLEEPING!" Parin was there too. We were talking about what we needed to do to get to where we wanted to in life. Stepping it up everyday is a very big part of it. Sometime while I was with the guys we started talking about the sun as well how they were saying it was something to be thankful for. I told the guys about meeting B- and what happened during the first date. They were supportive and happy for me. They thought it was a great thing that we even recorded our first date with photos and videos. That B- even made videos of the set up.
Meeting - 2011-08-11Meeting - 2011-08-11Meeting - 2011-08-11
on the way home after dropping off Parin. I tell Esjay more about B-. Esjay tells me that August is international love month .. and a few other things as well. He makes a comment that was like... "OooH, Sze's in love...!" - in a teasing sort of tone. My reaction was... "ChaCHOWchow!" as I made the heart symbols with my hands. I'll be totally honest, I didn't know where that came from but it was simply a natural reaction for me to do so. I go home and wash up and SLEEP!
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