Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vancouver Christmas Market

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Before the day really started, we obviously had work during the day and since today is Wednesday :) today is date night and we started our meal at a little sushi place on Seymour. I wondered if we dined there on days we didn't know eachother... how many times apart. Then it makes me think if we were to rewind our lives... how many paths we took would have cross paths. Later on that night we went to the Christmas Market. I've never been to one. I'm so happy that B- likes going to events and doing things like this. It makes our relationship a little more exciting and well eventful when there are places to go and things to see. I realized that being in a relationship that doesn't allow you to explore gets boring. You don't learn as much about one another and the both of you don't grow together with the kind of experience that nurtures a relationship. It is very important to move together in the right direction in a relationship. The Christmas Market was smaller than I imagined it to be but the lines for the best places were obviously long. I would have liked a waffle but the long lineup turned me off from it. The crafts were beautiful and felt uniquely different. The little lanterns that move with the candle heat were pretty neat. Me and B- walked away getting a little something from the market as mementos of Christmas ornaments. B- got a butterfly, and I got a glass ornament.
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