Saturday, September 29, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations started around the turn of midnight at Denny's with my God Brother CC and our friends. This tradition started four years ago- this our fourth. Every year it seems as though a friend joins us making it truly the more the merrier. This year out friend Will turned up unexpectedly to me. Our first two years we used to visit the Denny's on Scottroad in Surrey, the year before we went to the one on Ash, this year having closer to our new home for me and CC, In Burnaby.

Why did we start our birthdays at the turn of midnight was due to the fact four years ago, we were busy on the day of our birthdays - and the only available time we had was during the night before to the morning of our birthdays. Since then we have made this our tradition.

Will that night gives me a present and it's a beautiful pen that amazes me! rotating the pen and pressing down the top, will change the color of the pen tip. (yes I'm amazed by little things in life)

We go home full and sleep, and start our morning a few hours later. BJ goes to work today and I wake up later, fold and put away some clothes and clean up. Later on in the day I have a dinner with Chris and friends. We hired a special celebrity chef - Lisa Brown to cook us a fabulous dinner but the selection of restaurant to meet up at was strange. But the food by Lisa was some of the best soul food I would ever have in my life! Thank you Lisa!

after I got home to post images, turns out facebook has a bit of glitch.
Where Brian was Zoolander and I was Brian, in the photos of our profile.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Where am I?

Dinner at a nice restaurant
Where... Hint #1)
the view
Hint #2 - The Drink
Hint #3 the food
And we are at...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Goldfish Painting 3/5

It has been too long since I've been away from youtube, but it's because I don't get paid enough to do it as a full time job. But I spent some time today to edit and record a commentary this video and I hope you do all enjoy. Speed of the video is sped up 1200% and it took about 2 hours to paint the fish.

I hope you all enjoy.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Want to Play?! - Koji

IMG_1935 Sometimes these are the best days where he's just too cute! He's asking me if I want to play. Bringing me a squeaker toy that we usually toss back and fourth to play a bit.

 He's a nice thing to come home to when you've had a stressful day at work.

 It's actually really rare that he allowed me to take this pic of him. Maybe he was feeling nice.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I love our walks, until a point - Koji

IMG_1923 IMG_1924 IMG_1925 

He's cute and happy - until he reaches his stopping point, which isn't really his stopping point because with a little persuasion he can walk a lot more. 

Monday, September 03, 2012

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Hike To The Top

chief peak 2 

We go for a hike to the chief, peak 2. Photo by: TW

The day started not so well, it felt as though BJ had ripped my soul apart. You know when someone wakes you from a deep deep sleep. Your brain just doesn`t seem to adjust as quickly as if you were to be woken up naturally. That`s exactly what happened. Most of the hike was difficult because - one - I`m out of shape. Second - because I`m still half asleep.

Note to self: At The Chief, there is a big public washroom. Do not go to the portable potties that is right by the parking lot. Do not listen to the boys when they tell you that there are no more washrooms beyond that point.


That`s what happened to me. I held my breath and went to the out house and a few steps later there was the giant public washroom and the boys went to pee there -_- *sigh*

 I can only say that I woke up on the way up to peak 2, it was because if I didn`t pay attention, I would die.
I later tell this story to my sister, where she said, if I did not pay attention all the time, I could die.

The following is the view from peak 2. It`s the only place I have ever been so close to chipmunks. 


After The Hike
we went to go get some sushi and bubble tea for a light lunch @ Nishiki in Vancouver

IMG_1910 IMG_1909 

Friday, August 31, 2012

Atleast we are bored together - Koji

These are one of those few days where we are bored together because BJ is too busy working.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Caught him on camera!


I catch a pic of him quickly as he welcomed me home and is sitting in my lap :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Osoyoos 2012

It's just a trip - the four of us. Tom, V, B- and I 2012-08-18

We get on the road and have to pull over one third into our trip as Tom's wheel shredded.

We go to get it fixed quickly and we're on our way again.
Pretty packaging found! :D Before we stopped at Smitty's for lunch.

IMG_1830IMG_1832IMG_1831 IMG_1833
2012-08-182012-08-18 IMG_1834

Life Goal Achieved:  #104. Jetski-ing 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Walk, Walking, Tired

I want to go for a walk!
We are on our walk!
I'm Tired.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sometimes I just give up - Koji


There are days he gives up and lets me snuggle up with him.

Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm not afraid to get my paws a little dirty - Koji

Our first walk after our trip, his booties and leash as he runs around the dog park.
He's missed us.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Disneyland: California Adventure Day!

Disneyland Trip
Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip

Apparently I had to take a picture of Minnie Mouse cause she's an artist! :) and at the start of our day two we headed straight for the biggest ride which was a huge roller coaster, probably the biggest I've ever been on. It was fun though. ( not scare you out of your pants cause you're going to fly off scary fun, just really high speeds) I came to a conclusion that perhaps Disneyland rides were designed to keep you in your seats through the g-force and momentum, you know, for safety reasons.

Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip
after going on the ride we decided to perhaps hit the rides that would have the most lines, but before heading straight to Cars land, we lined up to see Donald Duck. YUP! It totally looks as though I got some make out time with Donald Duck, where I hear a kissing sound from him. He then goes and gestures to Brandon that he likes his hair and in the end we Asian posed together. Donald Duck was perhaps my favorite to take a pic with. We headed on over to Cars Land around 10:30 am. Everything there looks exactly like the movie. It felt pretty unreal walking through the town, how it seemed everything was to the T.

Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip
Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip

Apparently when we got to the Cars Land Ride for the cars, they said the fast track was not working for the ride and to return later or risk waiting in line. The ride was already 80 mins long to wait for the ride. Cars Land was perhaps the one ride I was looking forward to the most. We head on over to walk around to catch some other rides. Most other rides within Cars land seemed to be for little kids. Noticed bear carved from a mountain, grab a Fast Track Pass at Goofy's flight school and decided to sit down for a rest.

Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip

Noticed that some of the Toy Story Soldier guys were performing some street dance and music.  Soon after going on the Goofy ride accompanying an adorable little boy and his mother before us, the ride was actually pretty scary for us. Probably one of the few rides we thought we were actually going to fall out of due to the sharp turns and small rails and us being two adults in a little cart. We walked around to a different part of California Adventures, and we approached a place where something didn't seem right, and soon we noticed the street up ahead was an illusion. Pretty cool. BJ requested and insisted that we go see the Aladdin show. It was really well done, especially the puppets used for the various animals through out the show. However we did notice how they cut out some characters that were in the cartoon, out of the play.

Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip

I was really tempted to sit on some giant plastic furniture but was talked out of it, due to the fact that it's plastic and probably really hot due to it being sunbathed under the hot hot sun all day. We decided to hit up the Monsters Inc. ride. I really didn't know what to expect when lining up for this ride. But at the end of it I thought it was pretty cool. We got to cut in line some what, due to the fact that we were a small party.

Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip
Disneyland Trip It wasn't long after the Monsters Inc. tour ride that we decided to go on the Hollywood Tower. Where basically you walk through a bunch of creepy rooms and chambers and a place that looks like the basement floor of some old old haunted hotel. This ride was actually pretty scary.

Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip Disneyland Trip 
We take a walk through what seems like to be A Bugs Life, and I thought it was neat. A really feel and look at a different perspective of things. Most of the rides were for little kids so we skipped a lot in this area. We did however check with the Cars land ride again, and the line went to 180mins long with the fast track machines broken, and no longer selling them for that ride.
Disneyland Trip
BJ was thinking about going through the obstacle course that was based off the movie UP - where you perhaps get a badge at the end of it. But I convinced him that it was for kids as I saw a bunch of 11 year olds running about on it. We end up getting a fast track for The World of Color show of the latest showing. ( will elaborate more on this later). And walked around some more. We stopped by Walt Disney's Blue Sky Cellar to check that out and rest our feet.

We sat through the Pixar parade where you have to get ready to get wet, as I randomly got wet during the parade. Some kids however seemed to be targeted as they got soaked by people on the floats holding the water canons ( not as extreme as I call it to be ) but the little kids got pretty wet.

We had grabbed a fast track pass for the Soaring over California ride was pretty cool, but the line up for it was insane. We got in there and during the ride, I started to giggle and had to hold my laughter for after the ride was over. Why was I laughing? well if you've ever been on the ride, then you'll know how it is. But I really expected it to be edited to look like one long shot go that seemed to fast forward and ease in and out of certain parts of California. No, the scenes seem to cut in randomly. So randomly that it felt a little funny to me. None-the-less it's a pretty cool ride that did make me feel at some parts, really flying.

I dragged BJ with me to ride the Ariel's Grotto ride- where you sit in a giant clam shell and are magically transported under the sea. ( all that was ok) except the long line that we had to wait where ...  BJ almost got hit in his man jewels by a little old lady who had decided to tuck her cane under arm and bent over to pick up something she'd dropped. And where I was was waiting in line and a little girl ( who cut by a few people in line, and then turned back and returned to her parents ) touched my thigh with her giant lolly pop. AWESOME!

Before the sun went down we went and rode Mickey's fun wheel which is a giant ferris wheel where one line is for the carts that move and the others are stationary, ( move as in it slides and swings ) BJ of course insisted we sit on the moving side that is the scarier part. We got through it just fine. We did get bundled up with 3 teenagers, one of which believed we were going to die or freaking out believing that the ride broke because of the time it was taking to unload and load the riders.

Disneyland Trip

We returned to Cars Land during the first show of The World of Color, thinking everyone would want to catch it so the lines for that ride wouldn't be as long anymore. We look to find the ride wait time was now 210mins long and not only that. When we go there, they were all blocking off the entrance to the ride because of the fact that ride broke down.

Disneyland Trip

Saddened by the thought that we are most likely not going to get on that ride, we head on to the eat some dinner then afterwards looked around at more shops and ended the night catching The World of Color show. OK, now earlier on I had mentioned that we had gotten the fast track tickets for the World of Color showing, this is supposed to allow you to get awesome seats and views by getting this ticket and going into the line up. Who ever came up with this system, especially for this show may not realize how much of a failure of an idea this is. While we entered into the area where it was "roped off" for those who had gotten the fast track tickets and had given their tickets as they entered at the opening to the worker there. Many others obviously 'non-ticket holders' jumped / ducked under the rope.

We looked for a spot to stand for the show and we get what we think is a good spot. It gets really busy, really fast. At this time we decided to sit on the ground and wait before the show started. A dad and his family with a teenage daughter asks BJ if it was ok for his daughter who is probably around 14 years old to stand in front of us so she can see the show. BJ stands up which causes me to stand up as well to find the girl is bigger than me. There was no way I would let her take my spot. The show starts and I feel a little regret of not going closer to the water. Because there is a man and a old couple next to me, and most of the show part his head is blocking part of my view. I had to stretch and strained to watch the show. At one point he decided to put his arm up  against the railing and rest his head on it as he enjoyed the show and I wasn't able to see anything. I had to do ask him nicely to put his arm down. at some point I stopped trying to see if I could see everything going on, since BJ was filming it. ( this is exactly what happened as well at the first parade on the first day) All in all the show was beautiful, and at the end Disney still has the power to amaze me to ask 'how did they do that?'

We head on back to the hotel soon after. We stopped by the shops on the way out of Downtown Disney, to find that the print that BJ wanted to get was all sold out. I get my print, and inquire about how to order the one he wanted to get. They say that it was unpredictable. :( I felt so bad that it was sold out.

We got back to the Hilton - the both of us very much looking forward to our rest day.