Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Art & Giving

I have not blogged through my phone for a while now, life has been keeping me busy. But I'm glad to be doing what I do, am very happy to be where I am today. Although it does seem that time is traveling fast. Half the year has gone by already ~ everything so quickly. Somedays it feels like looking into the future. Just yesterday, I thought we were going into Friday. That today was already the end of another week. Why did I think of such a thing? - Well the fact that I had checked my phone for the date and I swore I saw 'Thursday' tagged onto it- I saw it and thought already?! Did I miss the event already? Is it this month? Or next month? - The event I'm talking about Is one happening tonight. A Charity Event - I painted some pieces for and sent them in for an auction that's happening. I didn't hear from them - thinking - the art I submitted may not be used. The Event: Do You Doodle, a charity event for the Surrey Hospice.

Surrey Hospice Society - Art Auction
Surrey Hospice Society - Art AuctionSurrey Hospice Society - Art Auction
Surrey Hospice Society - Art Auction Surrey Hospice Society - Art Auction
Surrey Hospice Society - Art Auction Surrey Hospice Society - Art Auction
Surrey Hospice Society - Art Auction
I went to the event. It was a silent auction all around where the art work is displayed around the room - all nicely framed with a sheet infront for people to bid. I've donated artwork to charity before, but never got to attend to see what my artwork was able to contribute. I came a little late, after commuting home, having a bite to eat and waiting for B-. We headed straight on over. Okay maybe not straight over, since we went to the wrong place at first but when I got there I was greeted by Shalini. Walked around the room and saw the different people who had donated their art to the Surrey Hospice. Some very famous and talented artists! I felt very privileged to even have my artwork displayed amongst them and see how I stood. Two of my pieces were auctioned together as a pair ( Goldfish ) - and one 'Koi on Black' was auctioned off alone. The two together - when I last saw went for more than 85$ , the single piece went also for more than 85$. Alex Burrow's doodle which sat just an artwork away from mine. Interesting. I ended up bidding on a piece that was interesting to me, which now sits in my living room.

All in all I felt that next year I will probably donate more. I'm also looking to donate more artwork to other charity auctions. - That's if I can find any / or any that would like me to contribute to their event. :)

Enjoy my art. I hope the ones that bought them enjoy them too.

Oh yes I forgot to add that Vik! of also donated two of his images to be auctioned. I wished they had gone for more though :( he's so talented. I should have bid on one of his images :) maybe next year.

Good Night, Good - Afternoon, Good Morning. - Where ever you are.

- LIFE GOAL #16- Donate Art Pieces for charity and see how much they can sell for [DONE]
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