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Release The Butterflies


Release the butterflies will be my first solo art show open to the public, happening on July 13, 2013.  I have been studying art since the age of 11 and Art has been a part of my life ever since. I specialize in two traditional styles of art, one is Oriental watercolor and the other is carbon powder art. The style of Oriental watercolor painting I specialize in is called Lingnan, it's origins from china it was created as a fusion of art from the North and South of the Orient. Myself being a Canadian, a lot of my art today is a fusion of the East and West.
I am currently planning to hold my first solo art exhibition 'Release the Butterflies' open to the public, On July 13, 2013 in downtown Vancouver. I am doing so for a number of reasons. One, it is one of my life goals to hold my own art show, but more importantly I have decided to host my own exhibition due to the fact that I may be one of the youngest remaining Lingnan artists in the Greater Vancouver area. Although a lot of parents may put their children into art classes, a large percentage of them after graduating high school cease to continue the art due to the lack of time they have to devote to the art. During the years I must confess that even I have stopped once and a while, but I still practice time to time pushing the art style onto different mediums and even products. Over the last few years I've been exposing a lot of myself and my art onto social media to draw attention and peak interests to this dying art style. This art show will be a large milestone in my life, it will be my first official art show and it will be showcasing artwork I've done throughout my artistic life.
For more information about 'Release the Butterflies' and about me and my art history, you can visit:

Many Canadians feel that it is difficult to hold on to our roots as we integrate and live in a multicultural society. I simply believe it is exposure. It is not because there is a lack of interest, but there is a lack of availability. Many times, there are certain barriers. Many older generations believe that the younger generations are losing touch and lack knowledge of their own heritage and cultural roots. Many today don't know how to speak, read, or write their mother tongue, even I cannot read or write Chinese very well, because of the fact that I've been - how some will say, 'Westernized'. However I am still knowledgeable in other ways and have been educated in my cultures art and this is my way of holding on to my roots, heritage and culture.  I want to assure older generations that there are still those of us out there that are young and knowledgeable of our traditions. We are simply facing a new generation of difficulties and now must seek out innovative solutions to evolve ourselves to adapt.

In 2006 - I became very aware of the cultural loss in the arts community as I was participating in various art shows around the city of Vancouver. I realized that fewer and fewer younger generations were studying and learning the traditional Oriental arts that I've come to fall in love with. In the Spring of 2006 I took a large leap of faith and entered the Arts Institute of Vancouver to study graphic design so that I may have the skills to push the art that I practiced and knew to the next level. I learned the skills and knowledge to try to expose the art in different ways and to superimpose the art onto items and products in the form of graphics. I did so successfully in 2008 when I was approached by a stainless steel water bottle company seeking artwork . I did two designs for them in the style of traditional Oriental watercolor painting which became their top selling designs.
At my art show, I hope to inspire younger generations and make those of my generation aware of our dying culture in the arts. I want to also introduce to the world a group of people who are also my dear friends (Desi Method) that have come together over the years to support one another in the arts. Individually we all have different specializations in the Arts: Fine arts, Music, Music  Production, Photography, Interactive Arts, Graphic Arts and even Martial Arts. We are young and we exist, and are promoting our culture, heritage and roots through what we do.

 Perhaps my event will open up the minds of traditional thinkers and encourage the idea about the application of a traditional arts onto different mediums to bring the traditional art style of Oriental watercolor to the next level. Maybe one day I will have the opportunity to teach and educate the public and future generations, but at the moment I simply want to share with you and the world my art.

This is only the first stepping stone to building a path to which I hope will lead to many more.

Finding funding has been difficult, all corporate sponsors I approached have turned me down. Kindly declining. So I turned to Indiegogo for crowd funding.

What 'Release the Butterflies' Needs & What You Get

Get I have already personally set aside funds to cover my events, venue, and location staff services, but it's not enough for everything. I am seeking help to raise $2500, minimum to help fund much need materials and supplies to make the art show happen.

 It will be going to help pay for:
 ($1200) Materials for mounting and framing over 100 pieces of artwork.
($1000) Building supplies / the purchasing of frames and art easels.
($100) Supplies for art pieces still needed to be created for the show.
($1500-2000) Venue rental.
($150) Shipping and costs for all deliveries necessary
(???) IndieGoGo and Paypal Fees

 The Perks 

 All perks given to contributors are going to be originals. I have not yet dove into the world of creating prints. So everything thing people receive from me are going to be one of a kind and hand made. Depending on your pledge level, you'll receive...

  • Eternal Gratitude 
  • One Original Doodle Postcard with much love from the artist 
  • One Handmade Thank You Card 
  • One Small Original Butterfly Painting, 4"x6" or 5"x7", mounted, unframed 
  • One Small Original Butterfly Painting, (4"x6" / 5"x7"), mounted and framed that will be on display at the day of the event 
  • One Original Artwork - Doodle / Drawing - 4"x6", ink on paper, unframed. Artwork will be video time lapsed and placed onto YouTube. 
  • One Original Doodle / Drawing artwork - 8.5”x11”, unframed, ink on paper, Video time lapsed and placed on youtube. 
  • One Commissioned Artwork - 8”x11”, unframed, (medium and canvas can be discussed) ( video time lapse and placed on YouTube an option and digital copy can be provided). 
  • One Commissioned Custom Artwork - 11" x 17", framed (video time lapse placed on Yout an option) ( video time lapse and placed on YouTube an option and digital copy can be provided). 
  • One Original Painting - (Estimated Size- 16"x24"), mounted, framed. ( Painting will be on display day of event )
  •  Special Thanks Via YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook 
  • Name / Company Name Listed on, Facebook event page, sponsor & support page on personal website. 
  • Day of Event: Name / Company logo printed on sponsor & support poster. Name / Company logo shown on projector (scrolling throughout event) Name / Company logo will be printed on Photography backdrop. 
If we over-fund, the funds will go towards paying for such things as the venue rental, other materials and supplies or services needed to make the show happen. If there is more than enough, the funds will most likely be equally distributed to the foundations and charities that 'Release The Butterflies' has agreed to show support for.

 If we under-fund (which I hope not ) the show will go on.


If you would like to contribute to help make 'Release the Butterflies' happen, you can do so at the following link:


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