Wednesday, December 31, 2014

24 Most Memorable Moments in 2014

  1. First Trip to Las Vegas.
  2. Delicious and romantic valentines dinner
  3. Soul Food Tour Day!
  4. Crystal Mountain: A group of girls snuggled up and sitting around / on an inflatable bed in front of a tube TV, watching the Lion King on VHS.
  5. Getting an SLR again
  6. Summer solstice
  7. Okanagan Trip: First time playing beer pong & Go Karting ~ racing the other girls.
  8. Roger and Carolyn's Engagment
  9. Goodbye to Papa J'
  10. Learning How to Fish and Catching a Fish
  11. Crashed my first wedding & Spider-man Kiss
  12. I Got Engaged!
  13. The love of an adopted family
  14. First Trip to Montreal
  15. The Train to New York
  16. Trip to New York
  17. Meeting Shaq
  18. Happy Holiday Photo Booth Time ~ guy takes off his shirt.
  19. First liquidation sale of Witches of East End
  20. First time to Festival of Lights - Vandusen Gardens
  21. First Christmas with out Papa J -
  22. Casino Night- Start of a Tradition
  23. Planning of a beautiful but not expensive wedding.
  24. I realized I love spending time with Koji, I hope I've warmed a place in his heart. 

  25. So much has happened and I realize I have to look through my blog to remember the moments.
    Then I realize why I have blog. So I don't forget, and when I do look back to remember, they are filled with great moments. So hard to do 24....  maybe I should cut it down for next year. 

Morning walk

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Won't walk without master

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

got the dress, but didn't really GET the dress

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 :( #sosad #onlineshoppingchinaripoff #weddingphotodress

Thursday, December 25, 2014

First Christmas without Papa J

It surely is different without him. His shuffling around the house to the dinning room table. The over sized knitted sweater that he would be wearing because he's a little cold. The slow and pressuring trek that he would have to make up the stairs after breakfast to open the presents. The "Oh - Thank You" of his voice.

I know he's surely watching from above and missing the delicious foods. Happy we're all celebrating together.

I AM creative just got a new camera in the family :) @bdotq @thinkvik

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Koji and his new bed that is to go to mama's house. This little camera was one I was eyeing for a while as I thought it could be one the ways we can have a Polaroid guestbook? where guests take pics of themselves and sign under it.

I would have to buy a lot of film though. But this is a neat toy. It reminds me of the joy cam I used to once have. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mushroom, mushroom... Jellyfish! I swear that's a jellyfish :D

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Alright while I was walking around the park, I see lit up mushrooms, and another mushroom and then when I saw the larger mushroom in this photo I said... OH LOOK! JELLY FISH!
Please don't ask my why I said out of the mushrooms I saw before....that I assumed the one that we came up was a jellyfish. Perhaps it was the thicker strand of lights around it's rim and then the squiggle strand beneath it. Boyfriend has become accustomed to my unique thinking patterns. The fact that I just don't think like everyone else. Because the others are mushrooms... doesn't mean they are all mushrooms. 

Festival of Lights is so pretty it needs no filter

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Before ending our date night at Festival of Lights, we hit up the Christmas Market at QE plaza... I don't know if it's worth going every year to. Maybe some people do it as a tradition. It was nice to be first time visit to Festival of lights. Everything is so pretty and it was neat to see the creativity of those who designed the lights. I was impressed with the water bottle tulips. 

Inkdrops are falling on my head.... Not really #VAG

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Today is Christmas Eve Date day with the boyfriend.
First stop is the Vancouver art gallery to see the forbidden city exhibit. Spoiled by ROM and the MET... and watching other documentaries have spoiled my pure curiosity and WOW factor of this exhibit. The problems of self-educating. Still beautiful to see though and interesting. I love the different ways artists are pushing Asian artwork that was being shown on the second level. The art piece that seemed like a giant watercolour painting was created through shadows and objects behind it lit up by florescent lighting. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Ironing a shirt tips and tricks

maybe I should do a video that embeds all these tips and tricks together but... maybe next time.. till then, this blog is for you Michelle. :D

Nomnomnom #dinner

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What's the black box for? #papermodel #uphouse #diy

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So I created this paper model of the Up house as part of a decoration for my wedding.
But there is this one mysterious piece I don't know where it should go.
Where does the black box go?!

I had to alter/add to the design that I got as it was missing some features of the Up house.

You can find this design I got: Up House
The template they have doesn't match the following GIF, so I added windows myself to my design and you can do so too.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Another photobooth gig done

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It's holiday season and what's fun is I get to do photobooth gigs with Vik!
This year was interesting as some guy decided to take off his shirt. Should we have a ... no shoes, no shirt, no service sign?

Fun times all around anyways :)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Connecting Flight Canceled stranded few hours before flying back to Montreal for a few days. Which city am I in?!

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Leaving #NYC

Leaving #NYC in security line, I blindly say to the man behind me he to go ahead of me if he wanted.. He said "what? you got lots of stuff?" ..I turn and look up to see #Shaq #iamsosmall

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In the moments I met Shaq...

I was at the New York airport and just placing my carry-on on the conveyor belt, as I was in the process of grabbing a bin, taking off my shoes, to place into it. I see my bf rushing to take all items off and get through security as fast as possible. There wasn't many people around us and I told him to slow down, there wasn't any need to rush. He did the opposite and went faster. -_- *sigh* As I was taking off items off my persons, I instructed blindly to the man / men behind me that they could go ahead of me if they wanted to, then I proceeded to pulling off my jacket and scarf. I hear a familiar deep voice, say "What? you got that much stuff?"... I slightly could see at the corner of my eyes that this was a tall man. I replied... "no, just still need to pull out stuff from my purse."
When he got ahead of me with his security guard /friend with his LV bag and such, he smiles through his sunglasses and says, "What, how much stuff you got in your purse?!"... I look up and replied with a smile, "just my ipad and phone." I realized I was talking to SHAQ! I followed behind him through security line, and then I kindly asked if I could get a picture with him. He replies, "Alright, just make it faster then you were in line." I quickly hand my cellphone to my bf. Shaq then he grabs my wrist and asks if that's a nike fuel band and says he has one too. I thank him for taking the picture with me, and we part ways.

This moment taught me that ... sometimes in life, you should just slowdown, because you'll never know what's going to happen.

It was an awesome way to end my first time visit to New York. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

First time trying Red Lobster #NYC it's better than it looks

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Wow, how have I not ever tried Red Lobster before?
So good, but the photos don't look so great. But that's ok, just as long as it tasted good!

The secret life of B- #ChasingDreams #WalterMitty #NYC

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I love this photo. I took it to be similar to the movie The Secret life of Walter Mitty, how he holds up the negatives. Bf holds up his phone as he uses it a lot for business.

I enjoy very much traveling with this man. 

#NintendoWorld brings the gamer geek out #NYC

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Katz ... Mmmmmm #NYC

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This stop..Grand Central Station...#NYC

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

On the train ride to New York I spotted a flock of white ducks

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Being on a really long train ride with boyfriend has taught me one thing. He can get annoying. LOL! but we laugh about it. He whispers little things to me I think aren't really whispers cause I'm pretty sure he's saying it loud enough that whomever he's speaking of can hear them. -_- that's probably what I was most annoyed about.

On the train though I wish we filmed ourselves as we goofed around to pass time. At one point boyfriend shares his mp3 player with me to listen to music and we dance around in our seats creating our own creative dance to the songs we were listening to.

We however didn't feel all that safe on the train to be honest as we cross the border to the states. I really don't want to get into depth in it but .... it just doesn't feel all that safe. The ride is long and we didn't find out there was only WI-FI in the food cart cabin. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Reunited and it feels so good :D

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I spent 6 hours flying from Vancouver to Montreal then taking a bus into the downtown core. I tell the bus lady I need to get off at Stadium station, and she tells me there is no such thing. :( So I used my personal judgement and the power of google maps to figure out where I needed to get off.
I also used visual cues as I could see the hotel I needed to get to from the bus. I get off and wait a few minutes in the mysterious city of Montreal to meet up with the bf.

I see him gladly approaching me with quickened steps as he got closer... and he hugs me to and says, "Welcome Home" :)

I love it, it was what I felt...even if I wasn't in the city that was "home." It is when I'm with him that I am. 

I'm leaving on a jet plane, I know when I'll be back again

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