Saturday, February 22, 2014

Soul Food Tour Day!

I'm in awe that I have to back blog this entry.
We started out our morning hitting up a place that felt a little in a middle of no where. 
First place we hit up is Southern Kitchen Restaurant. The Chicken was delicious, first time trying fried okra. Look at these pictures just makes me hungry. 
Mango Lemonade is the way to go! as Jen ordered the strawberry lemonade :D 
Soul Food Tour Day Soul Food Tour DaySoul Food Tour DaySoul Food Tour Day

Our next stop was Kingfish Cafe, however there is a line up and we end up going to fuel coffee next door. I sit down to enjoy a small hot chocolate. Made with real chocolate. 

Soul Food Tour DaySoul Food Tour Day Soul Food Tour Day Soul Food Tour DaySoul Food Tour Day

Biggest slice of cake I've ever seen. It must be from a really big cake.

Thanks to god bro CC for organizing.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentines Dinner

It's the day after Valentines Day, and my bf has decided to have dinner catered to celebrate Valentines. To start the evening off he reveals the Valentines present he's gotten me. What girl doesn't enjoy receiving Tiffany's?!
The Chef came over and it was FANTASTIC! He served us right in our own home. He even set up the table settings and brought a rose in a small water vase for decor. I loved the whole experience.
Fresh Oysters, Raw! mmMmMm So GOOD! :D

Everything was good! Every Bite and Sip.

Loved the desserts, I always love dessert!

My Yelp Review on Local Philosophy Catering