Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ice Cream and Pizza, Happy 3 Year Anniversary!

On this day boyfriend decided to take the whole day off to spend with me. ( I didn't know ) And wondered in the morning why he didn't wake up for work. We spent the morning Winners hopping- in other words, shopping at various Winners locations. I simply enjoyed spending the day with him :)
Happy 3 Year AnniversaryHappy 3 Year Anniversary
Happy 3 Year Anniversary

We head on over to Steveston today for dinner, ice cream ( the best hazelnut ice cream EVER! from Timothy's Cafe ) Where the waffle is nice and warm and fresh! 
We also go and get a pizza! A seafood pizza from Steveston Pizza Co. - It was a different kind of pizza for sure.

Later that night I got a wonderful gift from him ♥, What it is, I'll share with you another day.
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