Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Connecting Flight Canceled stranded few hours before flying back to Montreal for a few days. Which city am I in?!

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Leaving #NYC

Leaving #NYC in security line, I blindly say to the man behind me he to go ahead of me if he wanted.. He said "what? you got lots of stuff?" ..I turn and look up to see #Shaq #iamsosmall

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In the moments I met Shaq...

I was at the New York airport and just placing my carry-on on the conveyor belt, as I was in the process of grabbing a bin, taking off my shoes, to place into it. I see my bf rushing to take all items off and get through security as fast as possible. There wasn't many people around us and I told him to slow down, there wasn't any need to rush. He did the opposite and went faster. -_- *sigh* As I was taking off items off my persons, I instructed blindly to the man / men behind me that they could go ahead of me if they wanted to, then I proceeded to pulling off my jacket and scarf. I hear a familiar deep voice, say "What? you got that much stuff?"... I slightly could see at the corner of my eyes that this was a tall man. I replied... "no, just still need to pull out stuff from my purse."
When he got ahead of me with his security guard /friend with his LV bag and such, he smiles through his sunglasses and says, "What, how much stuff you got in your purse?!"... I look up and replied with a smile, "just my ipad and phone." I realized I was talking to SHAQ! I followed behind him through security line, and then I kindly asked if I could get a picture with him. He replies, "Alright, just make it faster then you were in line." I quickly hand my cellphone to my bf. Shaq then he grabs my wrist and asks if that's a nike fuel band and says he has one too. I thank him for taking the picture with me, and we part ways.

This moment taught me that ... sometimes in life, you should just slowdown, because you'll never know what's going to happen.

It was an awesome way to end my first time visit to New York. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

First time trying Red Lobster #NYC it's better than it looks

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Wow, how have I not ever tried Red Lobster before?
So good, but the photos don't look so great. But that's ok, just as long as it tasted good!

The secret life of B- #ChasingDreams #WalterMitty #NYC

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I love this photo. I took it to be similar to the movie The Secret life of Walter Mitty, how he holds up the negatives. Bf holds up his phone as he uses it a lot for business.

I enjoy very much traveling with this man. 

#NintendoWorld brings the gamer geek out #NYC

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Katz ... Mmmmmm #NYC

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This stop..Grand Central Station...#NYC

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

On the train ride to New York I spotted a flock of white ducks

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Being on a really long train ride with boyfriend has taught me one thing. He can get annoying. LOL! but we laugh about it. He whispers little things to me I think aren't really whispers cause I'm pretty sure he's saying it loud enough that whomever he's speaking of can hear them. -_- that's probably what I was most annoyed about.

On the train though I wish we filmed ourselves as we goofed around to pass time. At one point boyfriend shares his mp3 player with me to listen to music and we dance around in our seats creating our own creative dance to the songs we were listening to.

We however didn't feel all that safe on the train to be honest as we cross the border to the states. I really don't want to get into depth in it but .... it just doesn't feel all that safe. The ride is long and we didn't find out there was only WI-FI in the food cart cabin. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Reunited and it feels so good :D

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I spent 6 hours flying from Vancouver to Montreal then taking a bus into the downtown core. I tell the bus lady I need to get off at Stadium station, and she tells me there is no such thing. :( So I used my personal judgement and the power of google maps to figure out where I needed to get off.
I also used visual cues as I could see the hotel I needed to get to from the bus. I get off and wait a few minutes in the mysterious city of Montreal to meet up with the bf.

I see him gladly approaching me with quickened steps as he got closer... and he hugs me to and says, "Welcome Home" :)

I love it, it was what I felt...even if I wasn't in the city that was "home." It is when I'm with him that I am. 

I'm leaving on a jet plane, I know when I'll be back again

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Monday, October 20, 2014

My pov for petting session. Oh the cone breaks my heart.

A photo posted by SYLo (@syloarts) on

A photo posted by SYLo (@syloarts) on

I have not seen this dog for many years. 5 years? But when I got to pet him, it's of no doubt that he remembers me after a few sniffs. He pushes up and on me to pet him. ♥ How he fills my heart up. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Child of light, what a beautiful game. Though I felt it too short - oh what a shame. ;)

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For the longest time when I started to play this game. It made me feel like I knew this character a long time ago. But from where? I realized there used to be a game I played on the computer called "Pocket full of Stars" of a little girl with red hair and yellow dress jumping up and collecting stars.

But the artwork of this game also reminding me of another game - Okami.
I seem to know I enjoy the old artistic looks of art. The game was like a storybook, with magic, wonder, beautiful art. I loved it and at the same time, wish there was more. The story was far too short. There is the Old ~ yet I'm searching why put OLD - if there isn't a new. :(

I would definitely let my little girl play this game or even little boys. But I hope the creatures don't give them nightmares. Till then... I'll be waiting for the sequel. Not bad for getting the game for only 15$. 

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

September to October, I was addicted to building. Wall shelf And two chests.

I don't know what to tell you. Almost every month has been like this. Something addicted to. Something that needs to get done. For a long time now me and B- were thinking of filling the awkward voided space that our little dvd shelf makes along with the floating shelves we had.
Our DVR which we don't use anymore because we no longer had TV - sat on one shelf, as the wii, and the ps3 had their own too. We had a big book shelf next to our dining room table which took up more space than needed, and it was decided that One big bookshelf was all we needed. The goal was to get rid of the entertainment shelf.

In the early September I took measurements, bought some materials for the build. After putting on the two main wall supports to hold all the weight of the shelves. I learned my ruler was wrong that had taken down all original measurements. But not only that, the main boards were warped. So, all new materials excluding the screws and bolts had to be re-purchased. Properly measured and purchased by B-, I finished the sanding and staining and sanding again and placement of all goods, as seeing most of the things on it are mine.

All did not go to waste however, as B- wanted some patio chest benches to place miscellaneous items in. So the shelf boards from the first build with some scrap boards went to the building of the chests. building, sanding and staining and sanding again. The final product is the one brown chest as you see below the image of unstained chest - that was the picture I took and sent to B- when I finished building the first chest.

There are still remaining pieces of wood from the wall shelf build - which will be used to build shelves for under the sinks in our place. ( I'm trying to see if there are easy expendable shelves to purchase for cheap / and cheat builds I can do. ) - The main side boards from the original wall shelf build will be used to build the computer stand so my cpu doesn't sit ontop of my desk.

The removal of the entertainment shelf has now left our place looking rather... larger... and I don't know.... emptier to me. B- says now we have more wall space for more pictures as it is our family wall. :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Do Not Visit A Grave and Tell All That Visit - Not To.

That's the best way I can say how my week started.

Early morning messages of an unwelcoming matter is never what you want to wake up to receiving. Especially when it's an unprovoked and from someone who hasn't been in contact with you for a long time.

Many things have passed over the years. I can only hope that it was full of self discoveries. Other love of our lives may have came and gone but they bring along with it a realization of what it is we were looking for all along. I can only hope that you've found it, as I have. Our lives are now our own and have diverged. Perhaps you hate me - or should I ask, why? It's been so long. It was I that stood there and watched you walk away. Not too long ago I had a dream of the sinking castle and it was there I fully knew - no more. I no longer felt anything towards your actions, your ways. I've become apathetic. I've wanted nothing but great love for you, as I know you're deserving of it.

At times life may get cloudy and if you were to ever know one thing - know love.
You have family that loves you. I'm certain you have best friends that love you too and have been with you over all these years you and speak to with your problems - I know better than many how difficult it is for you to share your thoughts and feelings but the world is what you make it. If you're frustrated, you're making it frustrated. If you're stressed, you're making it stressed. You only receive help when you seek it. The world also works the other way: if you love, you will receive love. Although the world doesn't always continuously give back what you give, it doesn't necessarily mean you stop.

Corinthians 13:4-8
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

I have told many over the years, one thing about love.
Once you found that special someone, you'll realize it because it's so easy to love them - it's easy to be with them, it's natural. 

I felt very loved as the situation of the unkindly message resolved itself as others came to my defense - without me even knowing ♥ (the best kind of love)

The title of this blog entry is exactly how ridiculous this whole thing felt.
They apologized for their actions, but my no responsive reply is perhaps because of an unknowing amount of words I should or shouldn't say. I'm going to blog this because, it's the only way I can let it go, let it out, as I stopped purchasing lined books as my diaries. 

I had a dream of you this morning, I had a moments glance of a photo, three kids hung off your shoulders and arms, two boys and one girl. You were happy.

I really do hope you're happy.

When a relationship dies and diverges, and like I've said in so many blogs past; it's like loved ones becoming strangers. It's an odd thing, if you ever really thought about it. Memories have become faded like dreams, with that said - let me continue to live my life happily beyond the grave. 

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Murals Home For Now and Eat Fraser Valley

So in the morning we headed out to a salon opened up by my sisters friend called: Open to Beauty. Dropping off a painting series for it to be hung there. I'm thinking of doing more pieces to showcase there. It's a nice space. Here's a photo of the painting all nice and hung.

As I was dropping off the painting, Koji got a pet blessing from a priest that was sitting next door outside at the coffee shop, giving out pet blessings for St. Francis of Assisi's day. :)

We headed to B-'s mom's and aunties to pick them up as we were all going to Eat Fraser Valley! It was pretty interesting spending the afternoon with them, as this is their first 'Eat' event. Yi-ma ( Chinese for second mom / auntie ) reminded me very much of my own mom. As we had to watch her carefully or she would go off on her own without notice. I would say she's more bold to go off on her own to new tables and try everything! I personally thought it was pretty awesome. We got to try a lot of different items and this year again B- and I went for the sausage competition. It was interesting to see that B- and his Yi-ma have the same tastes of what they liked and didn't like. Me and B-'s mom have the same tastes in what we liked and didn't like. I bought some soya milk as the event as it was going for 3 for $5, and I also got a small jar of Omega Sprinkle. So I can remember to get more fiber and whatnot into my diet. B- , his mom and auntie got some pepperoni and some salmon and tuna goods. Our day was eventful with lots of good food tastings. I'm glad the aunties had a good time.

After dropping off Yi-ma and dropping Mama-J home, she tells us that Yi-ma is upset and currently mourning the death of her best friend. It was just a few days earlier that her friend was involved in a car accident and didn't survive. It was sad new to hear, my heart goes out to her.